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Babylon 5 Streaming Free - 3 GotchasBabylon 5 is streaming free for the first time ever.

With the exception of a 15-second commercial ad at the top of each B5 episode, Babylon 5 started streaming with no ads, no interruptions. We couldn't believe either. There are three "gotchas" which we will share, but first the good stuff.

Available through Go90, a video service owned by Verizon, Babylon 5 streaming is open and free to all mobile devices (via app or web) and computers (web only). You can even watch without having to sign-up or sign-in.

That said, signing up -- which is free -- has one big advantage, you can can cast every episode of Babylon 5 from your mobile device to your television or monitor. Because Go90 is also available on the web, you have the option to connect or stream to a TV monitor using a computer for higher quality streaming.

Bottom line: Babylon 5 streaming free, no interruptions, every season, every episode.

"Fans are going crazy" says Jan Schroeder, founder of Free Babylon 5, a movement she began in 2013 to get Babylon 5 back on the air. The second generation "millennial" fans finally get to watch the show they way they want: on their cell phones and tablets." Now instead of raving about Babylon 5 to friends and co-workers, established fans send them a link to watch all 110 episodes for free, without ads or interruptions.

Gotcha #1: According to Variety, fans should start watching now as the deal is believed to be for a year or less.

Gotcha #2 – The arrangement does not include the four TV movies, which includes the show's pilot as well as three additional 2 hour films.

Gotcha #3 Streaming is available only in the U.S. If you are non-U.S. the way to get around this is by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that makes Go90 think you are in the U.S.  To our knowledge this VPN best one for video streaming.

Despite insane exposure from references in shows like the Big Bang Theory and Breaking Bad, Babylon 5 never been streamed free or available on subscription services like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, until now. We are just guessing but we thinks it's possible that since Go90 licensed 6 other shows in addition to Babylon 5 from Warner Bros may be using it to draw attention to these other programs.. B5 is clearly the Rosetta Stone of this arrangement with the most seasons, the most episodes and the most notoriety.

Babylon 5 first appeared on laserdisc and VHS tape in 1998. DVDs of the show started their release in 2002 and have been reprinted and repackaged ever since. It's believed that the Babylon 5 on Blu-ray or HD streaming will never happen for technical reasons. (Click here for a complete explanation.)

The surprise announcement came Tuesday, April 4, 2017 when Warner Bros Domestic Television Distribution and Go90 announced the arrangement of a sci-fi package of 7 shows that also includes Veronica Mars and Fringe in addition to Babylon 5.

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Cast Reunions Signatures Mockup Grey 1080p
Cast Reunions Blu-ray & DVD with Autographed Book

CNN Documents Babylon 5

B5 Fan Convention Experience

Babylon 5 Encyclopedia