Babylon 5 Streaming Free, No Ads, No Sign-Up – OFFICIAL

Babylon 5 Streaming Free, No Ads, No Sign-Up - OFFICIAL

Babylon 5 Streaming Free - 3 Gotchas

Now you can watch Babylon 5 streaming for free on Amazon Prime Video.  All episodes.  No ads. (If you are confused because you thought Babylon 5 was streaming free on Go90, a video service owned by Verizon, we understand.  But Go90 free streaming stopped in April, 2018.)

The Amazon Video App is available for EVERY device on EVERY platform.  You can watch on the web, a roku, apple tv, your android or IOS phone or on a computer.  Sony Playstation, Nintendo, Fire Tablet.  Click here for the prime video app

Bottom line: Babylon 5 streaming free, no interruptions, every season, every episode via Amazon Prime Video.  If you are an Amazon Prime member (which includes the free 2-day shipping) you get Prime Video for free.

If you are NOT an Amazon Prime Member you can get a monthly membership (instead of a yearly one) for only $13/per month.  Sign up for the one month (there is a FREE trial), watch Babylon 5 and then cancel.  This is the link for the free prime membership trial

"Fans are going crazy" says Jan Schroeder, founder of Free Babylon 5, a movement she began in 2013 to get Babylon 5 back on the air. The second generation "millennial" fans finally get to watch the show they way they want: on their cell phones and tablets." Now instead of raving about Babylon 5 to friends and co-workers, established fans send them a link to watch all 110 episodes for free, without ads or interruptions since 110 million people are members of Amazon Prime.

Gotcha #1: According to Variety, fans should start watching now as the deal is believed to be for a year or less.

Gotcha #2 – The arrangement does not include the four TV movies, which includes the show's pilot as well as three additional 2 hour films.

Gotcha #3 Streaming is available only in the U.S. If you are non-U.S. 

Babylon 5 has had insane exposure from references in shows like the Big Bang Theory and Breaking Bad. First appearing on laserdisc and VHS tape in 1998, DVDs of Babylon 5 started their release in 2002 and have been reprinted and repackaged ever since. It's believed that the Babylon 5 on Blu-ray or HD streaming will never happen for technical reasons. (Click here for a complete explanation.)

The surprise announcement came Tuesday, May 10, 2018 when Warner Bros Domestic Television Distribution and Warner Bros announced the arrangement

Click here to start watching Babylon 5 on Amazon Prime Video right now


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