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Some of our products are exclusive to Amazon and part are exclusive to B5 Books. This means that you will check out via Amazon for some titles and through our cart for others. We realize this is a hassle while we migrate our back catalog of "not out of print" titles to Amazon.  

Babylon 5 Encyclopedia

There are FOUR (4) editions of the encyclopedia to choose from.

Signature Edition

For the first time ever, the whole canon of Babylon 5 has been assembled into a single document. You will be shocked at how much you don't know about the Babylon 5 Universe. Personally signed by show creator and executive producer, J. Michael Straczynski.

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One Massive Paperback

Babylon 5 Encyclopedia - Massive Paperback Edition

The complete 2-Volume Set in one 832-page paperback. Amazon Exclusive. Free shipping to U.S. and most countries worldwide.

Online Multimedia Edition

Babylon 5 Encyclopedia - Multimedia Edition - Blu-ray quality

The Online Multimedia Edition of the Babylon 5 Encyclopedia is an online database of more than 5,000 entries that incorporates video and images mounted on a platform that far exceeds the memory and processing power any device a consumer would own. 

Price: $116.00. See Full Description

In-Progress Encyclopedia Hardcover aka Zathras Data Crystal

In Progress Encyclopedia with 1,100+ Entries Not in Final

This is an in-progress version of the encyclopedia that has 1,100 entries that were cut for the FINAL edition. (6,600 entries total) Of the 1,100 entries half of them are detailed entries. Price: $144. See Full Description

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Babylon 5 at 20

B5 at 20 10x10 Edition

Babylon 5 at Twenty - 10"x10" Sample Books

Shortly after we sold out of B5-20 we received an UNSOLICITED shipment from our printing company. Inside were copies of a Babylon 5 at Twenty variation on the original printing.

Price: $136. See Full Description

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B5-20 Babylon 5 Online Multimedia Edition.

#babylon5 UPDATED: "Babylon 5 at 20" Multimedia Edition of B5 Coffee Table Book

Fans have gone so bananas over the Multimedia Edition of the Babylon 5 Encyclopedia, so we wanted to give the same treatment to our other most popular release: the full-color coffee table book "Babylon 5 at Twenty: A Visual Celebration." Price: $74. See Full Description

20th Anniversary Conventions

Cast Reunions 20 Anniversary Book with Blu-ray or DVD discs

On Blu ray BABYLON 5 Reunion TRAILER ★★★★★

Complete coverage of Phoenix Comicon and the reunion of 17 cast members at Space City Con in Galveston, Texas. Plus a 90-minute "Reunion About the Reunions" featuring "Ivanova," "Garibaldi" and "Lyta." NOTE: Only the book and the individual discs are included in the book/disc bundles. See Full Description.

Book With Discs

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Discs Only in Case (No Book)

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4 DVDS ONLY - $44


Crusade: Behind The Scenes and Other Voices

The entire behind-the-scenes story of Crusade as told by the actors and crew...while the show was actually filming. The interviews in this book contain 70% never-before-seen material and the 30% that was seen was published in UK-based magazines back in 1999.

Behind The Scenes
Volume 1
Volume 2


The limited-edition series ECHOES OF ALL OUR CONVERSATIONS presented the uncensored and complete transcripts of Joe Nazzaro's interviews with the cast and crew of Babylon 5.

This highlight sampler contains 13.4% of the total pages from the series, but gives a comprehensive experience by including 27 interviews from across all volumes.

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See for yourself the ideas JMS originally planned to the moment he thought of them. We include scans of his original notes along with a transcription of what he wrote. (If you've ever seen JMS's handwriting, you'll understand what a bonus this is.)  Price: $49.  Full details

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This volume contains two complete chronologies: Terry Jones' Babylon 5 Historical Database (parts of which were previously published in the now-defunct Official Babylon 5 magazine) and I. Marc Carlson's "Time Line of the Babylon 5/Crusade Universe." Together these two documents are the only sources that give you a complete picture of the Babylon 5 universe and how it fits in the history of the world.  Price: $49.  Full details

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