Straczynski Signing Babylon 5 Encyclopedia

Joe Signature animiated gif book signingIt's true.  You can get a copy of the Babylon 5 Encyclopedia hand-signed by the show's creator, J. Michael Straczynski, if you pre-order. 

JMS will be hand-signing all pre-orders of the Babylon 5 Encyclopedia that include printed 2-Volume set of books.  He will be signing Volume 1 of the two volume set.

A special type of paper will be bound into the front of the book. Specifically the paper is a 54# vellum mid-weight stock.

We choose this particular paper stock because it looks especially cool in black. But more important is its durability: it is hard to tear or crease.

Straczynski will be signing each book with a metallic silver Sharpie pen to contrast the black vellum.

Using a metallic Sharpie will prevent the signature from flaking or cracking, preserving it indefinitely. Sharpie metallic ink pens are more like a quality "paint" and literally has to dry after signing.

Only books or bundles that are ordered during the pre-order period are guaranteed to be signed.

If you have already ordered the Babylon 5 Encyclopedia, either as the stand-alone 2 volume set or the bundle that includes the 2-volume set and online edition, your books WILL be hand-signed by JMS because you pre-ordered.

In other words if you have paid in full or already started a payment plan there is nothing you need to do to make sure you get a signed Volume 1.

If you are confused or concerned and want to double check, just email us at We love hearing from you. – Captain Jaclyn and Lt. Brandon