Babylon 5 Encyclopedia Multimedia Edition Launched

Babylon 5 Encyclopedia Multimedia Edition Launched

On Saturday, September 30th, 2017 at about 1pm Pacific time, we sent out the link to get your Babylon 5 Encyclopedia Multimedia Edition login.

If you didn't receive your link, we believe you had one of two scenarios happen:
(1) You didn't get an email from us at all.
(2) You got a strange email from about a lost/changed password.

There are a lot of B5 fans that had this issue and it was our fault. The email was confusing because the sender was, and it was sent to the email address you use with PayPal.

Since is a new domain and it contained login and password information, we got blocked by a lot of hosts because it had a "spammy vibe." (Our wording, not theirs)

For that reason we have another method get you into the Encyclopedia ASAP. (We can't wait for you to see it!)

1. Go to
2. For username type the email address you use with PayPal.
3. Then click "forgot password"

You will get an email letting you create a "new" password and your sign-up is complete.

If you do not get the password reset email (we are being blocked by Verizon, AT&T, SBCglobal among others because it's a new domain sending), email us at and we will personally and manually set up your login and send you the information.

SCENARIO 2: You Got an Email About a Lost/Changed Password that Looked Really Phishy/Fishy
It's a glitch that occurred when we set up your account. In this case, password reset means password create. It is safe to click the link. And this was our biggest mess-up of the launch. The software didn't send out our custom note to you, the software sent their cryptic default.

We are here do whatever it takes to get you into the Encyclopedia. Let us know if you continue to have any issues. If you would prefer phone support to email, please include your phone number. We will call anywhere in the world necessary.

Best, Captain Jaclyn, Lt. Brandon and the entire B5 Encyclopedia Team