Shipping Update

Current as of November 1, 2017

The 2-Volume Hardcover ship date will happen December 2017/January.

We are using the same company as the Babylon 5 coffee table book and – understandably -- won't give us a date until they are sure they will meet it.

The cause of the delay are the free upgrades (J. Michael Straczynski signature, custom slipcase, double bookmarks, et al).

For example they can't make the custom slipcases until they have finished printing the books so they are truly custom.

Because we added the free upgrades after we put the book on sale we messed up the printers timeline.

We expect to be emailing you in mid-November, once the books are headed to us before we ship to you signed.

As promised, on Saturday, September 30 we sent out the login information for the Babylon 5 Encyclopedia to the email address you use for paypal.

If you paid for the online edition or got the bundle then you should have gotten this email. If not, simply email us at and let us know and we will resend the information.

Also, if you are on a payment plan and have made at least half your payments, contact us at to get early access to the online edition.

We posted a PDF of the entire G-section of the actual books that are being printed right now. If you missed it, click here:

We've just added two cool Blu-ray quality ship animations to the online edition: