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Babylon 5 Streaming Free - 3 Gotchas

If you are confused because you thought Babylon 5 was streaming free on Go90, a video service owned by Verizon, we understand.  But Go90 free streaming stopped in April, 2018.  Now you can watch Babylon 5 streaming for free on Amazon Prime Video.  All episodes.  No ads.  

The Amazon Video App is available for EVERY device on EVERY platform.  You can watch on the web, a roku, apple tv, your android or IOS phone or on a computer.  Sony Playstation, Nintendo, Fire Tablet.  Click here for the prime video app

Bottom line: Babylon 5 streaming free, no interruptions, every season, every episode via Amazon Prime Video.  If you are an Amazon Prime member (which includes the free 2-day shipping) you get Prime Video for free.

If you are NOT an Amazon Prime Member you can get a monthly membership (instead of a yearly one) for only $  /per month.  Sign up for the one month (there is a FREE trial), watch Babylon 5 and then cancel.  This is the link for the free prime membership trial

"Fans are going crazy" says Jan Schroeder, founder of Free Babylon 5, a movement she began in 2013 to get Babylon 5 back on the air. The second generation "millennial" fans finally get to watch the show they way they want: on their cell phones and tablets." Now instead of raving about Babylon 5 to friends and co-workers, established fans send them a link to watch all 110 episodes for free, without ads or interruptions since 110 million people are members of Amazon Prime.

Gotcha #1: According to Variety, fans should start watching now as the deal is believed to be for a year or less.

Gotcha #2 – The arrangement does not include the four TV movies, which includes the show's pilot as well as three additional 2 hour films.

Gotcha #3 Streaming is available only in the U.S. If you are non-U.S. 

Babylon 5 has had insane exposure from references in shows like the Big Bang Theory and Breaking Bad. First appearing on laserdisc and VHS tape in 1998, DVDs of Babylon 5 started their release in 2002 and have been reprinted and repackaged ever since. It's believed that the Babylon 5 on Blu-ray or HD streaming will never happen for technical reasons. (Click here for a complete explanation.)

The surprise announcement came Tuesday, May 10, 2018 when Warner Bros Domestic Television Distribution and Warner Bros announced the arrangement

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