1. Why Claudia Christian was shocked to find out that Ivanova was Russian.
  2. The situation in which Patricia Tallman believed JMS fell into the “clutches of some evil people.”
  3. The scene with Mira where, even off camera, Bill Mumy said, “Tears were running down my face…every single time.”
  4. Tim Choate’s comparison of Zathras to I Love Lucy’s Ricky Ricardo.
  5. How Andreas Katsulas’s personality was completely different as G’Kar, according to Claudia Christian.
  6. Why Jerry Doyle was “a thousand times happier that Bruce was on the show [instead of] Michael O’Hare.”
  7. Why Peter Jurasik believed that Bruce Boxleitner felt betrayed at the end of the series.
  8. Why the notion of Lennier’s betrayal in “Objects at Rest” bothered Bill Mumy.
  9. The articulation exercise Jason Carter used to warm up his speaking voice…from The Picador Book of Erotic Verse.
  10. The thing that Mira Furlan was “incredibly bitter and angry about,” and that she thought was “terribly unfair.”
  11. Who Patricia Tallman was referring to when she said, “I hope I never have to work with him again. I think he’s a prick, and you can quote me on that.”
  12. Why Patricia Tallman did not like the way the Byron storyline ended.
  13. Which actor, when they did NOT get a part, would watch the show to see who did.
  14. Where actor Wortham Krimmer had worked with Bruce Boxleitner, Richard Biggs and Peter Jurasik before Babylon 5.
  15. The actor who was never seen onscreen, but who described Babylon 5 as “the occasional jewel from heaven that drops in my lap.”
  16. The post-Babylon 5 audition for the part of an aging ex-action hero to which Bruce Boxleitner brought his Sheridan action figure.
  17. Why Bruce Boxleitner found “staring into those beady red eyes was a bit strange.”
  18. Why Andreas Katsulas didn’t think Babylon 5 was going to be anything significant when he auditioned for G’Kar.
  19. Why actor Wayne Alexander had to wear two sets of contact lenses…at the same time.
  20. Why Michael O’Hare would rent convertible sports cars.
  21. The presumption Richard Biggs made about the fifth season of Babylon 5 that was essentially incorrect.
  22. Why Peter Jurasik had to stop drinking coffee the day he played “Old Londo” in “War Without End.”
  23. What Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride has to do with the Babylon 5 pilot, according to Peter Jurasik.
  24. Michael O’Hare’s thoughts on what makes an interesting scene.
  25. How Peter Jurasik completed this sentence: “I’ll reveal something to you, I’ve done this twice in my life and I’m not proud of it, but I will actually __________.”
  26. Which guest actor was given an unprecedented chance to re-shoot his early scenes, and why the unique nature of the episode allowed for the opportunity.
  27. Andreas Katsulas’s explanation of how his approach to acting differed from Peter Jurasik’s.
  28. The situations that forced Patricia Tallman to flip out in tears in JMS’s office. (Hint: It’s NOT about the painful contact lenses.)
  29. What Peter Jurasik considered to be the “check and checkmate” part of Londo’s character arc.
  30. Why Stephen Furst prefers working in TV to film, and why he specifically asked his agent to focus on small-screen roles (much to her surprise).
  31. The scene one actor described as “walking into a sauna with a fur coat on.”
  32. Why Peter Jurasik called “A View from the Gallery” a real treat.
  33. Tracy Scoggins interviewed the day BEFORE she began playing Elizabeth Lochley.
  34. The point at which Jerry Doyle believes that the relationship between Garibaldi and Talia really changed.
  35. Why Mira Furlan jokingly refused to come out of her trailer during “And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder.”
  36. The quality Michael O’Hare said Mira Furlan would have even if she was a “scullery maid.”
  37. How Ed Wasser would compare his character to a central Biblical character.
  38. The storyline Richard Biggs regretted never being able to play.
  39. The actor who bumped into an old college buddy who didn’t know they were both on Babylon 5 until they saw each other in the same episode.
  40. Why Mira Furlan was not pleased with her performance in “The Deconstruction of Falling Stars.”
  41. How the departure of Na’Toth affected G’Kar, according to Andreas Katsulas.
  42. Why Claudia Christian, after 15 feature films, was totally OK working in television.
  43. Patricia Tallman’s description of filming the Lyta-Byron love scene.
  44. What high-profile guest role Tracy Scoggins auditioned for prior to being cast as Elizabeth Lochley.
  45. The actor who said, “I just go in there and try to chew up the furniture.”
  46. Why actor Walter Koenig believed that an actor should never scream.
  47. Find out which Babylon 5 star said, “I’ll flirt with women and men because…I think it’s amusing to watch people’s reactions.”
  48. Why Damian London — who played Regent Virini — found himself in a role where he “was the only pageboy in the court of Henry VIII that had a Doris Day flip.”
  49. Bill Mumy’s five-page account of why Lennier’s actions in “Objects at Rest” felt “totally wrong,” why he believed he couldn’t go to JMS about it and how he would have preferred it to play out.
  50. The importance of Zathras’s teeth to the portrayal for actor Tim Choate. (It’s more than just the look.)
  51. The reaction of Richard Biggs’s dad (Col. Biggs) to the character based upon him.
  52. Why actor Ed Wasser didn’t like the episode “Falling Toward Apotheosis.”
  53. Bill Mumy discusses the changes in Lennier’s makeup over the first four seasons, and how the application time went from 3 hours 20 minutes down to 1 hour 45 minutes.
  54. Why Andreas Katsulas believed that the best place to watch human emotions was the airport.
  55. Why Peter Jurasik felt he was never really done for the day, even after the director called “wrap.”
  56. The situation in which Tracy Scoggins told Jerry Doyle to “kiss my ass!”
  57. The actor who loved doing commercials and considered it his “greatest success.”
  58. The one job Andreas Katsulas had his heart set on when he was a kid.
  59. What Bill Mumy considered the hardest part of playing Lennier…and it was not the 3+ hours in make-up.
  60. The scene Patricia Tallman describes as a “Three Stooges routine!”
  61. The game Jerry Doyle and Bruce Boxleitner were playing when Jerry said, “I have to let you win; you’re number one on the call sheet.”
  62. The reason Richard Biggs believed that Franklin’s emotions about leaving his post on Babylon 5 would not surface until he was ensconced in his new job at Earthdome.
  63. A reflective Peter Jurasik sharing his uncensored opinions of key episodes: “Objects at Rest,” “Darkness Ascending,” “The Fall of Centauri Prime,” “Day of the Dead,” “A Tragedy of Telepaths,” “The Quality of Mercy,” “Soul Mates,” “The Geometry of Shadows”…and the song he wrote with Bill Mumy memorializing the experience.
  64. The part of his contract that Peter Jurasik felt he had to negotiate before he even discussed his salary.
  65. The reason Andreas Katsulas referred to season five as “another nice, healthy G’Kar crop.”
  66. The two people Michael O’Hare most wanted to live near so he could “bump into them a lot.”
  67. The recurring guest actor who originally read for the role of Garibaldi.
  68. The actor who thought the pace of season four was “a little quick for me.”
  69. Why Peter Jurasik believed that he would not be returning to the show after season one.
  70. Andreas’s suggestion that Londo be a ventriloquist and have a little G’kar doll on his knee.
  71. The emotion that bled through Peter Jurasik during his farewell scene with Andreas Katsulas.
  72. Details of Andreas Katsulas’s prank on his castmates about a pay-cut for the fourth season…as told by the one person who did NOT fall for it.
  73. Which successful movie credited Patricia Tallman as “Patrick Tallman.”
  74. How the cast teased Tracy Scoggins when she joined the show, and how it made her feel welcome.
  75. Richard Biggs’s one complaint about the Franklin addiction storyline.
  76. Details. Details. Details. Bill Mumy opens up about “Gut Reactions,” the script he wrote with Peter David for season five, and how it would have influenced the arc by introducing Londo’s successor as the Centauri ambassador to Babylon 5.
  77. In what circumstances Andreas Katsulas said he could never play G’Kar.
  78. Which scene Mira Furlan and Andreas Katsulas refer to as “the crybaby scene.”
  79. Why Jason Carter never totally believed the practical joke suggesting that Marcus was going to die in “Grey 17 is Missing.”
  80. What Patricia Tallman could have done that would have made her “four times the amount of money in one year” that she did on Babylon 5.
  81. Which costumed actor ran into JMS’s office shouting, “Please, please, can I keep wearing it?”
  82. Why Richard Biggs thought the line, “The only thing we’ve got is that we’re alive” was important.
  83. Bill Mumy’s suggestion of what to watch closely in “Atonement,” and why.
  84. The situation that prompted Bruce Boxleitner and Bill Mumy to sit around singing Beatles songs on the White Star.
  85. The Babylon 5 actor who went to acting school with Wesley Snipes.
  86. Proof that Echoes of All Our Conversations is uncensored: the COMPLETE interview with Claudia Christian two weeks after she left Babylon 5. (She wasn’t happy.)
  87. What Peter Jurasik thought of Londo’s final appearance in “Objects at Rest.”
  88. Why Richard Biggs found that SF fans would say “Good work,” while another genre of fans only want an autograph.
  89. Actor William Forward’s reaction to the Centauri hair.
  90. Why Richard Biggs received a call on Friday about an “emergency” shoot on Monday…and the regret he had while preparing.
  91. The day that Richard Biggs walked into Jerry Doyle’s trailer and found him doing something quite unexpected.
  92. How, when Morden was killed off, actor Ed Wasser thought he might return to the series.
  93. Which guest actor kept a count of his on-screen deaths and was up to eighty-four at the time of his interview.
  94. Details about Peter Jurasik’s videotape library of Babylon 5 episodes — how he rated each of them with stars, why so few had more than three stars and the ones that earned his highest rating.
  95. What Richard Biggs worried about at the end of season one, and how he met with the producers to seek assurance that his fear was unfounded.
  96. Which actor said, “Ninety percent of all the heads on Babylon 5 are cast off my head.”
  97. What Jason Carter believed was the one thing you had to prove before you could work in America.
  98. Patricia Tallman’s complaints about season four.
  99. Who Bruce Boxleitner would call the “Mob Dude.”
  100. Details: Caitlin Brown’s complete backstory for Na’Toth.
  101. Teller speaks. A detailed interview with Penn’s silent sidekick, where he talks about why he and Penn accepted the offer to appear on Babylon 5, why he doesn’t like Harpo Marx (who “gives [him] the creeps”) and the exchange between Teller and Neil Gaiman when the writer crashed the interview.
  102. Why Mira Furlan refers to her makeup as “the major experience and the major problem and the major issue.”
  103. The cute thing actor Tim Choate did at age twelve that he started doing again on the Babylon 5 set.
  104. Why actor Wayne Alexander was given all six scripts featuring Lorien before the first one was filmed, and how it affected his performance.
  105. What legendary actor would send Tracy Scoggins flowers on her opening nights in the theater, with a card signed “Daddy.”
  106. Which actor said, “…I paid for every single piece of it because I just thought it was something my character would have.”
  107. The thing that “bred a very strange insecurity amongst the cast,” according to Bill Mumy.
  108. The actor who’d had a crush on Efrem Zimbalist Jr. since she was a little girl.
  109. Mira Furlan’s reaction to Delenn’s pregnancy.
  110. Na’Toth as Ivanova? Yes! Caitlin Brown talks about auditioning for that part too.
  111. What made Londo so interesting in season three, according to Peter Jurasik.
  112. Why Claudia Christian was convinced that she was going to die in a Starfury.
  113. Claudia’s favorite episodes from Season 1, and why.
  114. Specifics of the problem Richard Biggs had with the episode “Gropos.”
  115. Michael O’Hare’s reaction to seeing himself in Minbari makeup.
  116. What Michael O’Hare did with 40 people that blew away the cast and crew.
  117. What actor Walter Koenig said he could do on Babylon 5 that he could never do on Star Trek.
  118. The “accessory” that Patricia Tallman wanted the Lyta action figure to wear.
  119. The actor who didn’t read the scripts unless their character had dialogue in the episode.
  120. The thing Patricia Tallman believes Lyta only did “twice in the whole five years.”
  121. The only thing that Mira Furlan feels loyalty toward.
  122. Why Patricia Tallman believed that, story-wise, Babylon 5 needed a sixth season.
  123. How Bill Mumy felt when he read the “Sleeping in Light” script and discovered Lennier wasn’t in it, why he immediately spoke to JMS and what Bill Mumy had in mind instead.
  124. Why Patricia Tallman didn’t watch dallies.
  125. Why Bill Mumy “never had to take a job that he didn’t want.”
  126. How Tracy Scoggins won the role of Elizabeth Lochley over her competition at the final network audition.
  127. What Bill Mumy thought of the Minbari Civil War’s end in the “Moments of Transition” temple scenes.
  128. Which Babylon 5 star said, “I went to drama school knowing I could sing and dance and I left drama school with the full knowledge that I couldn’t.”
  129. The guest actor who, according to Stephen Furst, could not remember his lines in the middle of the scene.
  130. Why “The Geometry of Shadows” is one of Peter Jurasik’s favorite episodes ever as an actor.
  131. Which guest actor gave hair and makeup signed copies of his autobiography.
  132. Why Claudia Christian was “shocked” when she read the script for Thirdspace.
  133. The guest star who left his previous career as an undercover policeman to become an actor.
  134. Why Jerry Doyle never sat in his trailer between scenes.
  135. How Richard Biggs would have approached “Believers” if he could play the episode again after five years of being Stephen Franklin.
  136. Which set Patricia Tallman referred to as “the Muppet Sector.”
  137. Jason Carter’s version of the story where Bill Mumy and JMS led Jason to believe that Marcus was going to be killed in “Grey 17 Is Missing”…and how Mira Furlan reacted to their gag.
  138. The actress who was hoping her character would have a relationship with G’Kar.
  139. The situation in which Claudia Christian had to be guarded even at the cost of a crew member’s own life.
  140. The compliment from JMS that actor Damian London (Regent Virini) heard third-hand and considered the “best Christmas present I could ever get.”
  141. The actor who said he’s a better director than actor because he’s “never going to get better as an actor.”
  142. Which star of the show said that the key to their religious beliefs was based on the Romper Room song “do be a good bee; don’t be a bad bee.”
  143. Andreas Katsulas explains how his “evil twin” was responsible for the practical joke he played on JMS at a particular convention, and how he was afraid afterward that his character would suffer “seven more deaths.”
  144. Why the first reading of the pilot script was a total “deja vu” for Andreas Katsulas.
  145. Why Peter Jurasik thought that the regent’s death scene lasted too long.
  146. Which actor was “in tears” when telling Patricia Tallman, “Claudia is leaving.”
  147. Why a scene between G’Kar and Londo in “No Surrender, No Retreat” annoyed Bill Mumy…and he wasn’t even in it.
  148. Why Peter Jurasik joked about “Londo’s dry cleaning getting mixed up and he ends up wearing Narn clothes to the big ball.”
  149. Which scene was described by one of the actors as “they’re all going off to the Super Bowl.”
  150. The “retro” method in which Andreas kept up with Internet feedback about his work.
  151. What prompted Michael O’Hare to say, “My testicles felt about the size of two small frozen peas.”
  152. The person who said of Babylon 5, “This is why I became an actor.”
  153. How the death of Jerry Doyle’s 41-year-old dad impacted his life choices.
  154. What actor Tim Choate did NOT do in his audition that became one of Zathras’s key characteristics.
  155. The situation in which Mira Furlan sang Phil Spector’s “Be My Baby.”
  156. Mira Furlan’s description of what it was like for her to return to the full Minbari makeup for In the Beginning, and how she played 140-year-old Delenn in “The Deconstruction of Falling Stars.”
  157. The character whose chin was cut off between the pilot and the series…and why the actor was so happy it was gone.
  158. Why Jerry Doyle was annoyed that Londo was the first B5 character to have sex.
  159. The situation in Andreas’s personal life that made G’Kar’s makeup look different.
  160. What gym members would shout at Richard Biggs when he went for a workout.
  161. What Bill Mumy meant when he said, “I think the show should be spanked for not doing it consistently.”
  162. Jason Carter’s opinion on the differences between the American and British press, and how it impacted him personally.
  163. Peter Jurasik’s poignant perspective on the ending of the series.
  164. Which high-profile Babylon 5 guest star read some of the B5 novels, and what he thought of them.
  165. Why Andreas Katsulas believed that Londo and G’Kar were almost like Abbott and Costello.
  166. According to Richard Biggs, the one skill Dr. Franklin didn’t have that he really needed. (It’s not medical.)
  167. The actress who said “Thirdspace was basically one big, long bad hair day for me.”
  168. What Claudia Christian meant when she said, “I’m still waiting for my big ‘Mira scene.'”
  169. The thing that Jerry Doyle spent two years bugging the writers for, and why, when it was finally written for him, he said he didn’t want to do it.
  170. Jason Carter’s “weird confession” about why he had never seen Michael O’Hare’s acting work.
  171. The specific reason Penn wanted to be on Babylon 5, the confession that he knows nothing about SF and why he’s been happy since June 12, 1973.
  172. The different ways Jerry Doyle tried to play Garibaldi.
  173. Why G’Kar’s makeup did not make Andreas unrelatable.
  174. What Lochley said to Garibaldi that Jerry Doyle believed was odd and not in step with the storyline.
  175. The actor who “fell in love” with his character’s face.
  176. The only series regular that actor Ed Wasser did NOT read with when Babylon 5’s pilot was being cast.
  177. The season that Bruce Boxleitner considered to be the show’s strongest.
  178. The quirky movement used by Soul Hunter Morgan Sheppard that would make you think he was on wheels.
  179. How Michael O’Hare believed the structure of Babylon 5 was similar to Hill Street Blues.
  180. Why Delenn’s black contact lenses were dropped from her makeup (other than the fact that they were painful).
  181. What was so confusing for Peter Woodward while shooting The Lost Tales, and how Bruce Boxleitner and he approached the difficulty.
  182. The exact first words Bruce Boxleitner spoke to Michael O’Hare.
  183. The reason Stephen Furst was the only cast member who got the chance to direct.
  184. How actress Maggie Egan, who played the long-unnamed ISN anchor, discovered her character’s name was Jane.
  185. The no-holds-barred interview with Caitlin Brown (Na’Toth) after she left the show…and why she couldn’t go back after Season 1.
  186. The joke played on Patricia Tallman on the set while she was giving an interview to Joe Nazzaro that provoked her to say, “They mind-fuck me all the time, so I don’t know what’s real anymore.”
  187. Which Babylon 5 star got a good review in The Hollywood Reporter…but the paper used his character’s name instead of his real name.
  188. Why Andreas Katsulas was not able to watch “No Compromises” when it premiered on TNT. (This is surprising.)
  189. The one quality Jeff Conaway believes is essential for a director to be good.
  190. Andreas Katsulas’s feelings about G’Kar becoming Londo’s bodyguard.
  191. Which B5 star confessed, “I always look at the work and think that could have gone better.”
  192. Why Bill Mumy rarely appeared at conventions.
  193. Which parts of Sinclair’s backstory were revealed to Michael O’Hare…and his reaction to them.
  194. Lyta’s season five storyline was originally intended for Susan Ivanova. Find out how it would have played out if Claudia Christian had not left Babylon 5.
  195. Why Patricia Tallman said of “Phoenix Rising” that, “I wasn’t pleased. I was very upset.”
  196. How Bruce Willis indirectly helped Jerry Doyle get his first role.
  197. Actor Robin Atkin Downes’s backstory for Byron, and how his instincts aligned with what later appeared in the scripts.
  198. The scene which made Peter Jurasik feel “like I was in an X-Files episode.”
  199. What Bruce Boxleitner would do on set to make guest stars feel at ease.
  200. What Jason Carter did when he was nervous during a scene.
  201. How Cheers and Seinfeld gave Jerry Doyle perspective about Babylon 5.
  202. How Marshall Teague designed and financed Ta’Lon’s sword on spec.
  203. What Bill Mumy thought of the big-budget Lost in Space movie.
  204. Why Caitlin Brown would confront J. Michael Straczynski and exclaim Na’Toth “wouldn’t say that.”
  205. The reason Lennier’s “bone sprouted” between seasons.
  206. Why Jason Carter was pissed off at Jerry Doyle for being “so brittle.”
  207. The conflicting fan mail actor Denise Gentile (Lise Edgars-Garibaldi) received after her appearances in season five.
  208. What Richard Biggs thought Dr. Franklin’s drug addiction did for the character.
  209. The actor who considered himself primarily a writer.
  210. The scene that literally terrified Patricia Tallman.
  211. Jerry Doyle’s heart-warming explanation about how Babylon 5 evolved “from a house to a home.”
  212. The actor who always cried off-camera for the actor on-camera.
  213. Why Claudia Christian believed that being on Babylon 5, a science fiction show, wouldn’t be harmful to her career.
  214. Richard Biggs’s first reaction to “Sleeping in Light,” and how he approached playing Dr. Franklin twenty years in the future.
  215. What actor June Lockhart carved with a knife into the back of the alien healing machine.
  216. The situation in which Andreas Katsulas was told he looked like Paul Newman.
  217. What Jerry Doyle missed about having Claudia Christian on the set after she left Babylon 5.
  218. The thing actor Tim Choate got 40 or more of every time he did Babylon 5.
  219. The kind gesture Peter Jurasik made to the makeup artists that most actors will never consider.
  220. Why Andreas could watch the dailies of his performance of G’Kar when he couldn’t stand to watch any other parts he had played.
  221. Which Babylon 5 star was offered the role of the brothel owner in The River of Souls.
  222. Why Peter Jurasik said, “I don’t listen to him when he’s a producer and I don’t listen to him as a director,” in reference to John Copeland.
  223. Why actor Tim Choate refused to give the actor playing Zathras’s workmate, Spragg, any acting pointers, even though he asked for them constantly.
  224. How actor Walter Koenig’s short stature helped his approach to playing Bester.
  225. Claudia Christian reveals why she played Ivanova as “militaristic and uptight” in the first few episodes.
  226. The one thing that happened with the Babylon 5 cast that Andreas had never seen before.
  227. The comment frequently made to actor Lawrence LeJohn — who played Bo in “A View from the Gallery” — after the episode aired.
  228. The thing Michael O’Hare would do (or not do) that would slow down the production.
  229. Would Bill Mumy play Lennier again if he were asked?
  230. The cast member who really longed to be an astronaut.
  231. Revealed: why Michael O’Hare played Sinclair “so contained.”
  232. The hobbies Andreas Katsulas took up after Babylon 5 that he considered “more challenging than acting.”
  233. Why Richard Biggs believed he could play Dr. Franklin “in his sleep.”
  234. Which crew member Michael O’Hare believed was the “true commander of Babylon 5.” (Hint: it wasn’t JMS.)
  235. The actor Jerry Doyle disliked so much he would barely speak to him.
  236. Why Peter Jurasik compared “The Fall of Centauri Prime” to a symphony.
  237. Exposed: The episode Bill Mumy doesn’t like that is considered a Babylon 5 classic.
  238. Why Peter Jurasik thanked J. Michael Straczynski for the episode “Born to the Purple.”
  239. What Peter Jurasik was referring to when he said he and Andreas were “highlights and sparks and flavors in the script.”
  240. Which Babylon 5 star said he was developing a line of vitamins for the Home Shopping Network.
  241. What Jason Carter meant when he said, “You get a stunt guy to blow your nose.”
  242. Why the SF element of Babylon 5 was difficult for Stephen Furst.
  243. The circumstance in which Patricia Tallman was able to “pick up pieces of Kosh.”
  244. The subtleties Bill Mumy incorporated into his portrayal of Lennier that some viewers might not have noticed.
  245. The interesting difference between German and American directors, according to guest actor Reiner Schöne, who played Dukhat.
  246. The one thing Peter Jurasik would fault Michael O’Hare for.
  247. Why Jerry Doyle and Peter Jurasik might not see each other on the set for two months while filming Babylon 5.
  248. The part that was played by one of Jerry Doyle’s old girlfriends.
  249. The specific effort actor Michael York made that impressed Richard Biggs.
  250. Who complained that, “I looked like I had a nose the size of Brooklyn” in the episode “In the Shadow of Z’ha’dum.”
  251. The Babylon 5 star who said they didn’t mind playing their character; they just didn’t want to be their character.
  252. Why Michael O’Hare compared director Richard Compton to French filmmaker Jean Renoir.
  253. What Mira Furlan was talking about when she said, “Oh, my God, they treat me like shit.”
  254. What Bruce Boxleitner thought about the direct-to-DVD distribution of The Lost Tales.
  255. Which lead actor said, Let me go someplace warm, where the girls look good, and the sun is always shining.” (And no, it’s not Jerry Doyle.)
  256. Why a situation on the show Taxi gave Jeff Conaway extra empathy for Michael O’Hare when he returned in season three.
  257. Jerry Doyle’s “irrational” behavior about consummating his character’s relationship with Dodger.
  258. Why Andreas Katsulas would refer to G’Kar as the “J. R. Ewing/Captain Hook of Space.”
  259. How the fifth season contract negotiations changed how Bill Mumy felt about playing Lennier during the final year of Babylon 5.
  260. The actor who knew nothing about B5 but whose parents “went nuts” when they learned she was playing a Minbari.
  261. Why Claudia Christian believed that Ivanova was the character most like her of the roles she had played.
  262. Why Peter Jurasik wasn’t sure that Londo was telling the truth when, after Kosh was revealed at the end of season two, the character said he hadn’t seen anything.
  263. Why Peter Jurasik repeated Garibaldi’s name over and over as he developed Londo.
  264. Why actor Ed Wasser originally wanted a role like the part of Lt. Corwin, and why his logic was wrong.
  265. Why, with Refa dead, Londo would need a new source for bagels. (Yes, bagels.)
  266. Why Peter Jurasik was in love with Bruce Boxleitner.
  267. The cast member who auditioned with a 103-degree temperature and doesn’t remember a thing about it.
  268. Why Peter Jurasik believed that viewers were upset by the choices that Londo made.
  269. How Mira Furlan approached Delenn’s laughing fit in “Day of the Dead.”
  270. Find out what Jerry Doyle said he got more of than anyone else on Babylon 5.
  271. The guest star that forced Andreas Katsulas to raise his game.
  272. Why Peter Jurasik didn’t see In the Beginning on its initial TNT broadcast.
  273. The actor who would only watch his episodes when he was building a new demo reel.
  274. Which actor said, in season two, “There’s no work left to be done except to trust yourself, Joe and the words.”
  275. The guest actor who played three different characters…and was married to one of the crew members.
  276. What Jason Carter really thought of Dr. Franklin and Marcus’s Martian adventure.
  277. What Michael O’Hare meant when he said, “It’s an abuse of the mail and the Internet, and I certainly don’t approve of it.”
  278. The opportunity no one had mentioned to Mira Furlan at the time of her interview, and which she said she would have agreed to if asked (but she wasn’t).
  279. Why Jeff Conaway chose Babylon 5 over the road tour of Grease, which would have paid “a lot of money.”
  280. The one word Richard Biggs said described what Franklin was looking for in season four.
  281. What Michael O’Hare meant when he said he was just trying to “get the widgets out.”
  282. How did Jeff Conaway complete this sentence: “What an actor really needs, more than anything else, is _________.”
  283. The only moment that Bill Mumy thought “Lennier is completely out of control.”
  284. Andreas Katsulas’s reaction to a possible prequel TV movie.
  285. How G’Kar’s makeup forced Andreas Katsulas to “stay as human as possible.”
  286. The scenes in which Richard Biggs was the only actor on set, why he had to film the last scene first and how he kept all the out-of-sequence scenes straight in his head.
  287. Why Jerry Doyle’s relationship with Andrea Thompson was the worst-kept secret in Babylon 5 fandom.
  288. How Andrea Thompson’s departure affected Jerry Doyle.
  289. The emotional scene where Patricia Tallman vowed that Lyta would not cry.
  290. What happened when Ed Wasser said to JMS, “Why don’t you put me in two more episodes, and I won’t touch my hair ever?”
  291. Was Stephen Furst kidding or not when he said he prepared to play old Vir in “Sleeping in Light” by eating strained peas and letting them drip out of his mouth? You decide.
  292. Peter Jurasik’s tips for successfully auditioning…and the scene he chose to use for his Babylon 5 audition.
  293. How the experience of shooting Crusade was different from Babylon 5, from an actor’s point of view.
  294. Mira Furlan’s uncensored reaction to Lennier’s eleventh-hour betrayal in “Objects at Rest.”
  295. The joke Michael O’Hare and Pat Tallman snuck into the pilot.
  296. How Bruce Boxleitner adjusted to fan feedback from the Internet, and why that frightened him.
  297. The movie Jeff Conaway wanted to be in so badly, he offered to pay the producers to be in the film.
  298. Mira Furlan’s favorite moments from season four.
  299. The reason Bill Mumy agreed to guest star on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
  300. The instance where Andreas Katsulas “freaked out” and screamed “that’s too old.”
  301. Who took acting classes with Bob Dylan and Harvey Keitel.
  302. Why Bruce Boxleitner thought Babylon 5’s ending was similar to the conclusion of The Sopranos.
  303. Which Babylon 5 actor would have received an acting award if Peter Jurasik had been able to bestow one. (Hint: It wasn’t Andreas Kastulas.)
  304. How Bill Mumy came to rely on Huckleberry Finn and the TV show Kung Fu to fill out his perspective of Lennier.
  305. What Jason Carter said that ended with, “You have to include that phrase if you print any of this: I don’t have any messianic tendencies but my initials are ‘J.C.'”
  306. How the Lennier dummy from “Convictions” became a long-standing joke between Peter Jurasik and Bill Mumy.
  307. Why Pat Tallman considers Lyta a “Spock-like” character.
  308. The actor who had once directed Bruce Boxleitner.
  309. The situation in which actor Jason Carter would barely move his head when shooting.
  310. How Bob Dylan’s song “Like a Rolling Stone” helped Peter Jurasik approach certain scenes.
  311. The specific behavior in fellow actors that Bill Mumy said he had no patience for.
  312. What Jason Carter meant when he said, “It was like gong to a trainspotter’s convention and you just happened to be the train, and they’re busy writing your number down and photographing you.”
  313. Bill Mumy’s nickname for Lennier during the character’s tenure with the Anla-shok.
  314. Why Jeff Conaway believed that “playing a hero is one of the most difficult things in the world.”
  315. Actor Robin Atkin Downes’s fantasy about returning to Babylon 5 as Byron’s “evil twin,” complete with a bald head.
  316. Why Patricia Tallman did NOT feel like Lyta was more a part of the show when the Byron storyline surfaced.
  317. The actor who said, “Everybody in my family was a professor of some language.”
  318. Richard Biggs’s main concerns in season one…and why, in season two, he said, “I have no complaints.”
  319. The situation in which Bruce Boxleitner and Claudia Christian would pretend they were Nancy and Ronald Reagan.
  320. The reason Patricia Tallman said to the wardrobe department, “You’re not spending $300 on that jacket. Take it back!”
  321. Why Stephen Furst wants to be a combination of Clint Eastwood and Woody Allen.
  322. The actor who insisted the makeup department redo their character’s prosthetics over and over and over again.
  323. Actor William Forward’s reaction to the 35 pages of chat-room transcripts that talked about his character, Refa.
  324. What made Mira Furlan feel “totally excluded as an actor.”
  325. The question asked of Andreas Katsulas that struck fear into him.
  326. Why “Deathwalker” is Caitlin Brown’s favorite episode.
  327. Why Michael O’Hare shook hands with JMS during the shooting of the pilot and “exchanged words of honor.”
  328. The Babylon 5 actor Patricia Tallman confessed that she was “ferociously attracted to.”
  329. What Andreas Katsulas considered to be the downfall of any religion.
  330. Which of the stars said, “I’m probably more comfortable with crew than I am with the actors.”
  331. How Peter Jurasik and Stephen Furst were friends long before Babylon 5.
  332. How the TV movies delayed a feeling of closure for some of the actors.
  333. Why Bill Mumy was glad that Lennier was not “Kato to Delenn’s Green Hornet.”
  334. The episodes Michael O’Hare considered his favorites.
  335. The reason Peter Jurasik believed that it was important for the look of a character to change.
  336. No-detail-spared description of actor Ed Wasser’s first appearance at a Babylon 5 convention. Live the moments.
  337. The thing actor Martin Sheen did with the Babylon 5 crew that he’d learned from Marlon Brando during Apocalypse Now.
  338. Why actor Ed Wasser chose to wear a light-colored crystal around his neck for his appearance in “Day of the Dead”…and why he was surprised JMS allowed him to wear it.
  339. Why Jerry Doyle didn’t read scripts prior to shooting the episode.
  340. Why being confined to a viewscreen in “Knives” let actor William Forward be more angry.
  341. The thing that really drove Claudia Christian “crazy” on the set.
  342. The situation on the Babylon 5 set that would cause Claudia Christian to scream, “Isn’t this glamorous?”
  343. It’s true: Peter Jurasik never thought Londo would make it the entire five years. Find out why.
  344. Patricia Tallman’s biggest regret about Babylon 5. (It’s personal.)
  345. The kind of scenes Mira Furlan found most interesting to play in season four, and which were scarce in year five.
  346. Peter Jurasik’s approach to Londo’s final scene with Sheridan and Delenn.
  347. Why the producers of Alien Nation asked Andreas Katsulas to wear earplugs, off the set, when he wasn’t in make-up.
  348. The look that made Peter Jurasik’s wife’s heart stop.
  349. Why Michael O’Hare was proud of his choking scene in “Soul Hunter.”
  350. Why Jerry Doyle was “not at all concerned about giving up the residuals for the fifth season,” and why he said to his agent, “If you fuck this deal up, I will cut your legs off!”
  351. What Peter Jurasik meant when he said, “I call it the crybaby scene just to drive them both crazy.”
  352. Andreas Katsulas’s favorite moments on Babylon 5.
  353. What prompted Bill Mumy to say, “It was the only episode out of the 110 that were made that I was acting in.”
  354. The actor who thought his character was “one dimensional” in the pilot.
  355. Why Claudia Christian didn’t have to memorize any lines for the “Voice of the Resistance” scenes.
  356. The context in which Peter Jurasik refers to the “sick little mind of J. Michael Straczynski.”
  357. Why Jerry Doyle and Peter Jurasik would just say, “Do whatever you want to” to each other before a scene.
  358. How actor Andy Griffith made it so that Peter Jurasik had extra time to design Londo with the hair and makeup people.
  359. The character Claudia Christian played that was “a lot snippier than Ivanova.”
  360. What Ed Wasser bought at a store to mentally connect his character with the dark side. It cost him $120.
  361. How Wortham Krimmer said he was able to play Cartagia as “completely out of his mind, but not crossing over into cartoon.”
  362. Andreas Katsulas’s reaction the first time he popped in his contact lenses.
  363. How Mira Furlan created Delenn for her audition with only one scene to work on.
  364. Why Bruce Boxleitner was compared to Errol Flynn.
  365. Bruce Boxleitner’s glee that he still fit in his Babylon 5 costume…on the set of The Lost Tales.
  366. The situation in which Andreas Katsulas said, “Having G’Kar there, it’s almost like having a lantern to see things better by.”
  367. Why actor Paul Williams couldn’t remember anything before 1989.
  368. How Richard Biggs altered his approach to playing Franklin in the wake of his near-death experience in season three.
  369. Andreas Katsulas’s reaction to walking through conventions and seeing people wearing G’Kar shirts.
  370. What Andreas Katsulas loved that Pat Tallman said would have made her crazy.
  371. The action in “The Corps Is Mother, the Corps Is Father” that Walter Koenig believed would have left Bester with “absolutely no redeeming quality” if it had been played as written.
  372. The high-profile film Patricia Tallman considers “some of the hardest work she’d ever done”…and for which she didn’t get a screen credit.
  373. The episodes Claudia Christian was asked about most often.
  374. The actor who said to legendary acting teacher Lee Strasberg, “I have more discipline in my little finger than you’ve got in your entire class!”
  375. The question to which Stephen Furst replied, “I’d rather be unemployed and alive.”
  376. The reason why Mira Furlan would have to look to the left or right when talking to another character…who was standing right in front of her.
  377. What the actors did with their “Sleeping in Light” scripts.
  378. How Bill Mumy found Babylon 5 similar to shooting Papillon with Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman.
  379. Why Peter Woodward, on the set of The Lost Tales, thought it was good that Crusade was “unfinished.”
  380. The scene Michael O’Hare considered one of his favorites.
  381. Why Lennier was rubbing his hands when he walked into the Dreaming.
  382. Whether or not Andrea Thompson was jealous that her then-boyfriend, Jerry Doyle, was having an onscreen relationship with Marie Marshall (as Dodger)…who was his real-life ex-girlfriend. (Say that ten times fast).
  383. Which prosthetic made Andreas Katsulas feel like the Pillsbury Dough Boy.
  384. The similarity between Claudia Christian and Tracy Scoggins, according to Richard Biggs.
  385. What prompted Bill Mumy to say, “I wasn’t happy with the way my fifth season deal went down and I’m not going to pretend that I was.”
  386. Why Bruce Boxleitner felt that the casting of Russ Tamblyn in “A Distant Star” went too far away from type, and what Bruce would have done instead.
  387. First-hand reactions to the gag script (featuring Londo and G’Kar’s sexual liaison) from Peter Jurasik, Richard Biggs, Bruce Boxleitner and Patricia Tallman. Who called whom and said what, the voice messages the cast left each other, the star who was the most upset by the premise (not Peter or Andreas) and why Pat was the most disappointed of all that it was a joke.
  388. What Jerry Doyle believes is the reason that actors who are more talented than him don’t get the jobs.
  389. Patricia Tallman’s nickname for “the bad Kosh.”
  390. The script that inspired Peter Jurasik to call JMS and ask what drugs he was on when he wrote it.
  391. The aspect of playing Lennier that Bill Mumy said was the hardest thing (and it’s not the makeup).
  392. Why Patricia Tallman thought “Moments of Transition” was her best episode of the fourth season.
  393. Why Richard Biggs considered seasons three and four as the high points for his character.
  394. How Jerry Doyle sees acting as a “party he’s crashing,” and what one quality he believes will get you the part more than talent, every time.
  395. How actor Turhan Bey — who played Centauri Emperor Turhan — used Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph as a basis of comparison for his part.
  396. What Jerry Doyle would do at the studio to make the best out of the fact that he “spent more time with the cast and crew” than he did with his own family.
  397. The scene that Andreas Katsulas described as the “crowning jewel of difficulty.”
  398. Why Patricia Tallman “freaked out” when JMS told her to react to Kosh as though “you see God.”
  399. The episode Richard Biggs wished he “could have back.”
  400. The genesis of Londo Mollari’s accent, and how Woody Allen influenced it.
  401. Why Jerry Doyle described Tracy Scoggins as being “as much fun after ‘cut’ as she is between ‘action’ and ‘cut.'”
  402. The context in which Michael O’Hare said that looking into Mira Furlan’s eyes “is one of the easiest things in the world to do.”
  403. Michael O’Hare’s belief that “Jeffrey Sinclair is…a metaphor for our country.”
  404. Peter Jurasik’s recollection of his audition for Babylon 5, back-to-back with Andreas Katsulas’s, and why, after they looked at the concept art for Londo and G’Kar, they completely disregarded the drawings.
  405. Details of Richard Biggs’s research for “Believers” and the choices Dr. Franklin made.
  406. Actor Robin Atkin Downes on the differences between playing Morann and Byron, and the one acting credential he had that fit with both roles.
  407. What Bruce Boxleitner suggested when the ratings for Babylon 5 were tied with Baywatch.
  408. What happened to Rick Biggs that caused him to declare that he would never ask to do something that wasn’t in the script again.
  409. The thing that frightened Claudia Christian most about the ending of Babylon 5.
  410. How Jerry Doyle’s Wall Street background influenced his acting…and why acting is “like a vacation.”
  411. The costume that made Michael O’Hare feel like “a waiter in an Arabian restaurant.”
  412. Which of the stars enrolled in a real estate course right before their big break.
  413. Why Richard Biggs did some rodeo riding every summer, and why the producers didn’t like that, even though Claudia Christian had broken her ankle tripping in her backyard.
  414. The reason Claudia Christian refers to the Babylon 5 set as “the most unhealthy” she’s ever worked on.
  415. Andreas’s all-or-nothing proposition to play G’Kar for the entire series.
  416. Guess which lead actor said, “I’m a guy who likes to eat donuts and watch The Simpsons.” (Think outside the box on this one.)
  417. Details about why many of actor Paul Winfield’s lines were cut from “Gropos.”
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