B5-20 10x10 EDITION

This product is out of print forever.

See video above for details.  Shortly after we sold out of B5-20 we received an UNSOLICITED shipment from our printing company.  Inside were copies of a Babylon 5 at Twenty variation on the original printing. 

Sent on spec, their idea was to give us something different enough that we would not be breaking our limited edition promise. (Note: they don't understand fandom).

These were close enough to the original that we wouldn't even consider it. Instead of 12x12 they are 10x10 (12% smaller), without a ribbon bookmark or slipcase. (The paper quality and printing are on par with the original.) To the printing company this was a different product. To us it was a variation and promise broken.  Complete details about the original are here

In other words, these are the exact same 256 pages as they were in the original edition.  Same quality printing.  

We've had these cold storage for years. Either we get these to fans or we literally have to destroy them.

When we originally got them we couldn't send them back (and risk them being sold to a remnant book dealer).  That's how we ended up having to pay for the "free samples" as well as the cold storage fees since we got them 5+ years ago.  

This product is out of print forever.