Babylon 5 at Twenty B5-20
Out of print forever.  

B5-20 Book and Slipcase
This book has been out of print since August 14, 2015.

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  • 12" x 12" (opens 2 feet wide)
  • Hardcover with Slipcase
  • 256 Pages, 753 Images
  • Museum-Quality Paper
  • Silver Ribbon Bookmark
  • Introduction by J. Michael Straczynski

Photos of Neroon's Flyer in B5-20 Book
As Close As You’ll Get To The Blu-rays
The 12 inch by 12 inch size of this book is the highest resolution in which you will ever see Babylon 5. The show cannot be remastered in high definition or released on Blu-ray because of the CGI. Remember that Babylon 5 was one of the first shows to use CGI and it was created for the standard-definition televisions of the 1990s. At an average of 6,000 frames per episode, re-creating it from scratch is prohibitively expensive.
Photos of Starfury Flight Suit in B5-20 Book
Examine Details That Could Never Really Be Seen On Screen
Study the nuances of the Starfury flight suits, the control consoles on the White Star, the faces of the Telepath embryos in the Vorlon genetic engineering tanks, the progress mural in the casino, the "flags" of the League races in the Council Chamber, the stanchions supporting the underground tunnels on Mars and the etchings on Galen’s staff...every page delivers a moment of wonder.
Behind the Scenes Images of Mollari and the Keeper in B5-20 Book
Actual Size...And Bigger
We chose the biggest book size possible but still practical. One foot by one foot (about 31cm by 31cm) opening to a full two feet wide. This footprint shows most of the concept art at actual size and let us enlarge smaller details like costume fabric swatches, character’s jewelry, and key props—like the Keeper and the Night Watch Pamphlet—to bigger than life size.
Planetside Bar and Earthdome Medical in B5-20 Book
Linger In Spaces Seen For Only Seconds On Screen
Remember Earthdome Medical, the Planetside Bar and the Grey 8 Passageway? No? Nor did first. Explore these sets, seen for less than a minute on screen. Step inside them and literally read the writing on the wall.
Minbari Tailoring and Army of Light Uniforms in B5-20 Book
Full-Circle Documentation
B5-20 showcases the evolution of makeup and costumes and features comparisons of concept art, photos from the shoot and what was actually seen on screen.
Minbari Beds on the White Star in B5-20 Book
Captions That Connect The Dots
We made sure that the captions layer facts upon facts. For example:
"Two views of a bunk room aboard a White Star. The Minbari beds are propped at a forty-five-degree angle so as not to tempt death. The illuminated panels on the wall reflect a standard Minbari design element seen throughout the series while the mottled fixtures between beds—reminiscent of Kosh’s encounter suit—recall the White Star’s use of Vorlon technology."
The Last Day Shooting Babylon 5 in B5-20 Book
What Really Went On Behind The Scenes
From seeing aliens on a break to a look inside both the prop and costume closets, from lunchtime on the set to a backstage pass for the last day of shooting, and even intimate glimpses of J. Michael Straczynski directing "Sleeping in Light," this section turns the cameras around and shows the cast and crew in unguarded moments.
Delenn and the Chrysalis Device in B5-20 Book
It’s A Celebration Of What You Saw, And What You Didn’t See
B5-20 is a gateway to the visual aesthetic of Babylon 5. When you see the sets they walked, the props they handled, the garments they wore—the detail of the show—your understanding of the craftsmanship harnessed to support JMS’s vision will be enhanced.
MIT declared Babylon 5 (along with Star Trek and The Twilight Zone) to be the greatest science fiction television shows of all time for a reason...and B5-20 punctuates that point.
Behind the Scenes Thirdspace Set Photos and Storyboards in B5-20 Book
First Ever Babylon 5 Book Printed Exclusively In Color
Not just full color, but the actual colors of the sets, costumes and props. Extensive care was taken to ensure that the final pages precisely matched the color qualities of the original photographs, which were taken on set during production. B5-20 covers everything from the pilot through The Lost Tales.
Patches of Babylon 5 and Concept Art in B5-20 Book with Slipcase
Details About The Physical Book
256 pages. 753 images. 150gsm heavy-weight paper designed for high-resolution, full-color printing. Weighs 7 pounds. Matte finish. Extra durable WIBALIN® cloth cover. WIBALIN® slipcase. Title and B5-20 logo embossed with foil stamping. Silver ribbon bookmark.
The Dreaming with Chalice Sketch in B5-20 Book
A Note About The Binding
We used the highest quality Smyth-sewn binding. This means the book lays flat for every page. More importantly, the pages will not pull away from the binding (nor will the spine crack) because the pages are NOT glued.
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Fan Reactions
  • CafePress, the company shipping our orders, can confirm our zero return rate on B5-20 since its release more than 2 years ago.
  • This email (received on August 5 2015) is typical of fan feedback on Babylon 5 at Twenty:
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B5-20 10x10 EDITION

Shortly after we sold out of B5-20 we received an UNSOLICITED shipment from our printing company. Inside were copies of a Babylon 5 at Twenty variation on the original printing.

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