Echoes of All Our Conversations Companion aka Volume 7

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Publication Date: October 17, 2012
Retire Date: May 31, 2013
Pages: 296
Format: Softcover

Fifteen years of "behind the scenes" Babylon 5 history as told by the actors and crew who were there.

Photo of Stephen Furst as Vir

Releasing a seventh volume allowed Stephen Furst--the only remaining star from Babylon 5 who appeared in all five seasons--to sign this volume. This means that fans who have the entire series will also have the signature of all surviving Babylon 5 stars who appeared in four or more seasons of the show: Peter Jurasik, Bruce Boxleitner, Claudia Christian, Mira Furlan, Jerry Doyle, Bill Mumy and Stephen Furst.

Page sample showing personal autograph of Stephen Furst
Each book personally autographed
by Stephen Furst
Page sample showing personal message from Stephen Furst
A special note to the fans
written by Stephen Furst
Postcard with Vir quote selected by Stephen Furst
Postcard with Vir quote
Selected by Stephen Furst

Bookmark with Vir quote selected by Stephen Furst
Bookmark with Vir quote
Selected by Stephen Furst
Photo of Stephen Furst as Vir
With the addition
of Stephen Furst,
the ECHOES series
now includes
all the major cast

Comprehensive Index for All Six Volumes
108 pages, 2,387 entries and 11,949 references. When you want to find all instances of a person, place or episode across the entire series, this is the document to use.

Page sample showing Master Index

Index for Each Volume
These stand-alone indexes function as granular tables of contents, roadmaps for each volume, with quick access to the information you most want to learn more about, without having to plow through the 100+ pages of the master index. Averaging 12 pages--each in a condensed layout--these indexes are more manageable than the master. BONUS FUN: After you read a volume, quiz yourself by reading that volume's index.

Page sample showing Volume Index

Babylonian Production Timeline
This never-before-seen document was compiled by ECHOES Editor Jason Davis as a guide for his personal use, but the details and insights were too good to keep it in the vault.

Page sample showing Production Timeline

These category-specific tables group each interview subject by his or her occupation and then provide a chronological list of each interview across all six volumes. This lets you move quickly through the series one topic at a time, giving you fresh perspectives on the making of Babylon 5.

  • Regular Cast
  • Guest Cast
  • Producers
  • Writers
  • Directors
  • Pre-Production & Production Crew
  • Post-Production Crew
Page sample showing Category Section
Sample Page from the "By Category" Section

Illustrated Interview Index
Puts the names to faces and includes all the interviews and references for each person in each volume. This handy tool makes sure you don't miss any details about any Babylon 5 personality.

Page sample showing Illustrated Interview Index
Sample Page from the Illustrated Interview Index

Never-Before-Published: Set Plans
These four set plans--one each for Stages A, B and C, as well as a diagram illustrating how the stages were arranged in the Sun Valley warehouse where Babylon 5 and Crusade were filmed--show you where the sets were in relation to each other during the early days of season five. When the folks interviewed refer to the stages (which they often do) you will be able to SEE what they are talking about.

Page sample showing Stage Plans
Blow-up of one part of the Stage C Plans included in the Companion.