A Religious Caste Minbari born to the family Mir and descended from Valen and Catherine Sakai. When she was very young, Delenn became separated from her parents in the city and sought refuge in a temple, where she recalled a figure assuring her safety prior to her parents arriving. Delenn’s mother joined the Sisters of Valeria, an honor that removed her from the home, leaving Delenn to be raised by her father. Delenn’s father bore her atop his shoulders when they walked through the city and en route to temple until her growth prevented him from doing so.

Delenn was the protégé of Dukhat, Chosen One of the Grey Council.

Delenn studied under Draal and was later chosen to serve as protector for Dukhat during the Dreaming. In her first address to the Grey Council as an acolyte, Delenn recalled Valen’s wisdom that the most dangerous enemy was an unknown enemy, expressing a desire to contact the Humans, a new species on the rise after the Dilgar War. Dukhat used Delenn’s speech to embarrass the Grey Council and then took her as his protégé, knowing that no other would have her after the foregoing incident.

When Satai Kadroni fell ill, Delenn was chosen to temporarily replace her on the Grey Council. Her appointment became permanent in 2245 and she took up residence aboard the Grey Council cruiser shortly before it began an expedition to Z’ha’dum to investigate the return of the Shadows.

When the EAS Prometheus fired on the Grey Council cruiser, mortally wounding Dukhat, Satai Delenn cast the deciding vote to retaliate against the Humans for their attack, initiating the Earth-Minbari War and the intended genocide of Humanity. As the Minbari Federation began the conquest of the Earth Alliance, Anla-shok Na Lenonn urged Delenn to visit Dukhat’s sanctuary. There she encountered Kosh and Ulkesh, and the former relayed Dukhat’s final message, which expressed the importance of Humanity to the coming Shadow War.

After meeting Kosh in Dukhat’s sanctuary, Delenn ordered the end of the Earth-Minbari War.

With Lenonn, Delenn planned the first peace initiative to end the war. Lenonn was to meet with representatives of the Earth Alliance with a Narn as interpreter, but the meeting was sabotaged by the Centauri Republic and Lenonn was killed. Commander John Sheridan, Dr. Stephen Franklin and G’Kar were captured by the Minbari immediately thereafter. The Narn was released, but the Humans were arrested, presumed guilty of Lenonn’s murder. Sheridan relayed a message from Lenonn to the Grey Council and he and Franklin were released on Delenn’s orders, but the peace initiative was a failure.

The Earth-Minbari War waged on, and as Humanity made its last stand at the Battle of the Line, Delenn—inspired by Kosh—ordered a Human prisoner taken aboard the Grey Council cruiser for questioning about Earth’s defenses. When Lieutenant Jeffrey Sinclair exhibited Valen’s DNA when scanned by the Triluminary, the Grey Council concluded that Humans hosted Minbari souls, and ordered an unconditional surrender to the Earth Alliance, ending hostilities. Delenn officiated over the resultant treaty with President Beth Levy.

Delenn was charged to observe Commander Sinclair, taking leave of the Council after sixteen cycles to be stationed aboard Babylon 5 as the Minbari Federation’s ambassador from 2256, residing in Green 2 apartment #2 during her tenure on the station. When an attempt was made on the newly arrived Ambassador Kosh’s life in 2257, Delenn’s allegiance to the Vorlons came into conflict with her friendship with Sinclair and the Minbari Federation abstained during the vote to extradite Sinclair to Vorlon. When the matter was resolved and a Warrior Caste Minbari found responsible, Delenn supplied all available information on the would-be assassin to Sinclair.

In 2258, Delenn attempted to assassinate a Soul Hunter who had been brought aboard Babylon 5 after drifting out of the jumpgate. She was subsequently kidnapped by her quarry, who sought to prematurely add her to his collection of notable souls, but Sinclair rescued her, reaffirming her belief in his destiny. When he was later drugged and interrogated by Knight Two, only Delenn could talk Sinclair down in his delirious state. Fearing that Sinclair might have remembered his Minbari interrogation years earlier, the Grey Council ordered Delenn to kill the Human should he recollect anything of that event.

Delenn hosted her childhood friend Shaal Mayan aboard the station during the latter’s tour of the Earth Alliance. When Mayan was attacked by Home Guard terrorists during her stay, Delenn served as her advocate. The cultural exchange continued with an exhibition of the Nafak’cha, performed by Delenn with her newly arrived attaché Lennier, followed by her formal reception of Aldous Gajic, a True Seeker in search of the Holy Grail.

Mid-year, Delenn began constructing the chrysalis device left behind by Valen 1,000 years before, planning to fulfill his prophecy by becoming a bridge between Minbari and Humans.

When Shai Alit Branmer’s body was displayed aboard Babylon 5 en route back to Minbar, Delenn stole the corpse, cremating it according to her friend’s wishes and explaining it as a religious mystery. She also arranged for Alisa Beldon—a Human telepath who had glimpsed the word “chrysalis” in Delenn’s mind—to live on Minbar, beyond the reach of the Psi Corps.

After encountering the Shadow emissary Morden on Babylon 5, Delenn became increasingly certain of her destiny and refused the Grey Council’s call to be the Chosen One, listening to the greater calling of her heart. After the Council voted five to three to allow her to remain on Babylon 5, another member of the Council gave her the Triluminary necessary to activate the chrysalis device and complete Valen’s prophecy.

When Draal visited her on Babylon 5, Delenn convinced him not to retire and await death, and with the aid of Ambassador Londo Mollari, helped her old teacher find a new purpose as custodian Great Machine of Epsilon 3. In December 2258, having confirmed with Kosh that the Shadows had returned to Z’ha’dum, Delenn entered activated the chrysalis device. She emerged from the cocoon in early 2259, having been genetically altered and with a more Human appearance, a situation that caused friction with the station’s Minbari population, who no longer felt sure of her allegiance.

Delenn used the triluminary to create a chrysalis cocoon, emerging half-human to bridge the two cultures.

Delenn visited the newly appointed Ambassador Sinclair on Minbar, witnessing his arrest for a plot to kill Jenimer, the soon-to-be Chosen One of the Grey Council. Delenn provided evidence from Babylon 5 to clear Sinclair of the charge before returning to the station and establishing a more intimate relationship with its new commanding officer Captain John Sheridan. She also sought Commander Susan Ivanova’s assistance in dealing with certain aspects of her new-found Humanity.

After Sinclair’s reactivation of the Anla-shok as a fighting force, Delenn assumed command of the members operating aboard Babylon 5. She later answered the summons of the Grey Council and was informed of her expulsion due to disobeying the Council’s order to wait before entering the chrysalis. Neroon succeeded her on the Council, in contradiction of Valen’s laws dictating three Minbari from each caste. The imbalance between castes would lead to a fissure in Minbari society that would culminate in the Minbari Civil War of 2261. Upon returning to the station, her ambassadorial duties intact, Delenn led Earth forces to the Streib homeworld to rescue Captain Sheridan, who’d been abducted in her absence.Throughout the Narn-Centauri War, Delenn attempted to broker peace between the two factions. She appeared on the Interstellar News Network’s special report 36 Hours on Babylon 5, in which interviewer Cynthia Torqueman’s questions proved unexpectedly hostile to the Minbari diplomat, resulting in Delenn’s intensified study of Earth media for future interactions.

When Captain Sheridan was accused of murdering a Minbari citizen, Delenn charged Lennier to carry out the Federation’s investigation into the matter and ensured Ashan’s confession of complicity to clear Sheridan’s name. Her relationship with Sheridan was later complicated when he illegally detained Morden, drawing the attention of the Shadows. With Kosh, Delenn convinced Sheridan to release Morden by explaining what she knew of the Shadows’ history, his wife Anna’s death on Z’ha’dum and the coming war. She concluded by and formally inviting Sheridan into the alliance that would become the Army of Light.

Together with Lennier, Delenn entered the Markab isolation zone aboard Babylon 5 to render aid and assistance to the dying species, emerging after the resulting extinction. A short time later, Delenn accepted Draal’s invitation to Epsilon 3 where he pledged the Great Machine to the Army of Light. She subsequently transferred joint command of Babylon 5’s Anla-shok to Sheridan.

Near the end of 2259, Kosh ordered Delenn to submit to an inquisition intended to determine her worthiness to lead the battle against the Shadows. She was joined in the examination by Sheridan, and the two convinced Sebastian of their rightness for the cause.

To prove herself to Kosh, Delenn submitted to the inquisition of Sebastian.

In 2260, Delenn presented the first White Star to Sheridan and accompanied him to Zagros 7 to liberate the Anla-shok training camp blockaded by the Centauri. Having engaged and defeated a Shadow vessel during the mission, Delenn and Sheridan established the War Council on Babylon 5 and began the process of gathering allies for the coming war. In return for Mollari’s assistance in getting Draal to Epsilon 3 in 2258, Delenn arranged for Vir Cotto to serve as the Centauri Republic’s envoy to Minbar, allowing Mollari to distance his attache from the Shadows as the war escalated.

Delenn accompanied Sheridan to Earth space aboard the White Star when Interplanetary Expeditions reactivated a Shadow vessel on Ganymede. She then rendezvoused with the Grey Council to demand the Minbari Federation’s full support of the imminent war. When the Warrior Caste refused, Delenn broke the Grey Council, returning to Babylon 5 with a Minbari fleet to protect the newly independent station from President Clark’s reprisal.

Fulfilling Valen’s prophecy, Delenn broke the Grey Council and fought the Shadow War.

While hosting Fleet Captain Lenann on a subsequent tour of Babylon 5, Delenn was taken hostage by Boggs as part of a Home Guard plot to retake the station for the Earth Alliance. After the incident, the Babylon 5 command staff accepted Delenn’s gift of new uniforms and shared their secrets with her as part of an aborted Nafak’cha ceremony. In other acts of healing, Delenn accepted Excalibur from David McIntyre (who believed himself King Arthur) as his penance for firing the first shot of the Earth-Minbari War and invited Citizen G’Kar into the War Council after confessing her complicity—by inaction—in the bombing of Narn.

After the Shadows and Vorlons engaged in direct warfare and the former murdered Kosh for breaking their ancient status quo, Delenn accompanied Sheridan and Sinclair back in time to 2254 on a mission to hijack Babylon 4 for use as the Minbari base of operations in the 13th century Shadow War to ensure the present-day Shadows in 2260 were weakened by their war 1,000 years before. When Sheridan’s time stabilizer was damaged, leaving him unstuck in time, Delenn swapped units with him to anchor Sheridan to the relative present, becoming briefly unstuck herself before rescuing Zathras from beneath a fallen pylon and bidding farewell to Sinclair who traveled back in time to become her ancestor, Valen, by use of the same chrysalis device she’s use 1,000 years after him.

Returning to 2260 and Babylon 5, Delenn was invested as Entil-zha, despite Neroon’s threat to kill her should she go through with the investiture. After presenting Sheridan with the completed White Star fleet, Delenn and Sheridan directed the Army of Light against the Shadows at the Battle of Sector 83. In the wake of their first full-scale victory, Delenn initiated a Minbari ritual of intimacy with Sheridan requiring that they spend three nights together to allow her to observe his true face in sleep. The ritual was interrupted by Anna Sheridan entering her presumed widower’s quarters and inviting him to learn the truth about the war from the Shadows on Z’ha’dum.

Delenn succeeded Jeffrey Sinclair as Entil-zha and Anlashok Na.

In 2261, with Sheridan lost and presumed dead on Z’ha’dum, the Army of Light began disintegrating and Ulkesh refused to publicly act in its support, claiming that Sheridan had opened an unexpected door. Delenn arranged a rescue mission to the Rim with Commander Susan Ivanova, Lyta Alexander and Lennier. The three encountered the Eye at Z’ha’dum, but escaped thanks to Lennier. With Sheridan presumed dead, Delenn set about planning one last assault on Z’ha’dum, despite a public protest from Ambassador Juphar Trkider.

Sheridan’s return from Z’ha’dum was followed by a proposal of marriage for Delenn, which she accepted, as well as the knowledge that her new fiancé would live only another twenty years due to the limitations of Lorien’s life-saving energies that revived the Human after his death. With Sheridan, Delenn faced down the Shadows and Vorlons at Coriana 6, reasoning an end to the Shadow War, with Lorien, the Shadows, the Vorlons and the First Ones leaving the galaxy to the younger species.

The post-war celebration on Babylon 5 was short lived, with Delenn and others traveling to the final resting place of Babylon 4. There, Delenn learned of Valen’s life from records left behind from the Shadow War 1,000 years earlier. Before the station’s orbit decayed, Delenn was reunited with the Tak’Cha, a species who fought under Valen in the 13th century but had become estranged from their one-time Minbari allies.

Back on Babylon 5, Delenn’s interview in Dan Randall’s ISN exposé on Babylon 5 was edited to support the allegation that Sheridan was suffering Minbari War Syndrome. After the ISN broadcast, Callenn of Delenn’s clan recalled her to Minbar to take part in the Dreaming due to her desire to take an offworlder as a mate. During the Dreaming, Delenn learned that she was a descendant of Valen, and that Dukhat had attempted to tell her as much with his dying breath. She then learned that Valen’s Minbari descendants—tainted by the Human DNA of Sinclair that her clan sought to keep from its own bloodline—were uncountable. She forced Callenn to rationalize her relationship with Sheridan according to Minbari traditions that called for warring sides to offer a member in marriage to the other side.

When the Norsai reported that an unknown force was raiding them, Delenn—honoring the long-standing treaty between the Norsai and the Religious Caste—led a fleet of White Stars in their defense, encountering the Drakh, masterless servants of the Shadows in search of a new home following the destruction of Z’ha’dum. The Drakh had sought an alliance with the Minbari Religious Caste, promising to support them in the escalating conflict with the Warrior Caste. When the Drakh recognized Delenn as a leader of the Army of Light, they attacked, destroying one of the White Stars under her command and inviting a reprisal that echoed her genocidal response to the death of Dukhat sixteen years earlier.

On Minbar, the Warrior Caste declared war on the Religious Caste and began shelling enemy cities. Delenn rendezvoused with Neroon en route to Minbar and arranged the Religious Caste’s surrender to end the Minbari Civil War and stop the bloodshed.

In the Temple of Varenni, Delenn challenged Shakiri, Shai Alit of the Warrior Caste, to face her in the Starfire Wheel for the leadership of the Minbari Federation as their ancestors had done before Valen. Shakiri was quick to quit the wheel, fleeing the deadly column of energy at its center, but Delenn remained to guarantee the Religious Caste dominance over the other two with the sacrifice of her life. Neroon entered the Starfire Wheel, lifting Delenn out of its light, declared himself to be of the Religious Caste and died, giving Delenn he authority to restore the Grey Council with five Worker Caste Minbari dominant over two members each from the Religious and Warrior Caste. Delenn declared that the role of the Chosen One, originated by Valen and last held by Jenimer would remain empty in Neroon’s memory.

To end the Minbari Civil War, Delenn entered the Starfire Wheel.

In the aftermath of the Minbari Civil War, Delenn worked behind the scenes with the members of the Babylon 5 Advisory Council and the League of Non-Aligned Worlds to establish the Interstellar Alliance, which she unveiled on Earth immediately after Sheridan’s resignation from Earthforce shortly after the end of the Earth Alliance Civil War.

Delenn married Sheridan in a private ceremony and returned to Babylon 5 in January 2262, where she took up her appointed post as Vice President of the Alliance and head of its Advisory Board, mourned the loss of Marcus Cole and attempted to dissuade Lennier from leaving her service to join the Anla-shok.

Delenn married John Sheridan after establishing the Interstellar Alliance.

During the Enfili incident, Delenn supported Sheridan’s use of force against the Drazi-backed raiders. A short time later, Babylon 5 was targeted by a hostile alien force and Delenn’s safety was entrusted to Mack and Bo of Babylon 5’s maintenance department, though she was easily able to manipulate their actions to her favor.

Summoning Sechs Durhan and Turval to Babylon 5 to report on the progress of the new Anla-shok recruits from Alliance worlds, she later upheld the order’s supremacy to local law enforcement—in this case Captain Lochley’s executive authority as well as that of Security Chief Zack Allan and his force when she allowed Anla-shok Tannier to undergo the Mora’dum, a ritual to release him from fear created when a station-based gang nearly beat him to death.

Delenn received Rebo and Zooty during their visit to the station and entertained them while Sheridan dealt with the fallout from the Brakiri Day of the Dead. After Michael Garibaldi’s ill-fated fact-finding mission to Zhabar, Delenn summoned Lennier to Babylon 5 and tasked him with gathering information concerning the Centauri attacks on Alliance ships. She feared for him when he abandoned his station on White Star 27 and risked his life to secure visual evidence of Centauri ships perpetrating the attacks. In her role as a member of the Alliance’s Advisory Council, Delenn attended the hearings during which the Centauri Republic was formally asked to answer for the attacks, and lamented the departure of Prime Minister Mollari from Babylon 5.

Delenn acknowledged the love of her long-time attaché, Lennier.

With the Centauri Republic’s withdrawal from the Interstellar Alliance and the escalation of their attacks, Sheridan dispatched Delenn to the Grey Council to request the technology required to bolster the dwindling White Star fleet with destroyer-class vessels built by the Earth Alliance from Minbari designs. En route, her ship was crippled in hyperspace. After Lennier confessed his feelings of love for her, their White Star was retrieved by forces loyal to Prime Minister Mollari and Delenn attempted to ameliorate her one-time aide’s embarrassment.

Near the end of 2262, Dr. Stephen Franklin diagnosed Delenn’s pregnancy with Sheridan’s child. Shortly thereafter, husband and wife departed Babylon 5 for the Alliance’s new capital in Tuzanor on Minbar. En route, Lennier betrayed Sheridan during a shipboard accident, briefly abandoning the president to die, and later—after abandoning his Anla-shok duty—pledged to Delenn that he would make amends. Delenn gave birth to David Sheridan in 2263.

In 2266, Delenn oversaw the fifth anniversary celebrations for the Alliance, though other affairs kept her from the tenth anniversary in 2271. In 2278, Delenn accompanied Sheridan to Centauri Prime when David was possessed by the keeper secreted in a birthday gift from Emperor Mollari II. As prisoners in the Royal Palace, Delenn and Sheridan learned of the Drakh conspiracy operating since prior to Mollari’s coronation. After rescuing David from Centauri Prime, Delenn and Sheridan returned to Minbar where the Alliance recognized Emperor Vir Cotto as Mollari II’s successor.

To save their son, Delenn and John Sheridan traveled to Drakh-occupied Centauri Prime.

When Sheridan stood down from reelection in 2279, the advisory board chose Delenn to succeed him as President and she relinquished the title of Entil-zha to her husband. After Sheridan’s disappearance in 2281, she appointed Susan Ivanova to lead the Anla-shok.

After Sheridan went beyond the Rim, Delenn made it a point to watch the sun come up every morning for the rest of her life, withdrawing from public life after her presidency.

Delenn succeeded John Sheridan as President of the Interstellar Alliance.

On 2 January 2362, Delenn—after many years in seclusion—made an uninvited appearance at the Geneva headquarters of ISN during Jim Latimer’s 100-year retrospective on the Alliance to defend the memory of John Sheridan, calling him “a good man,” before departing from the studio, admonishing the retrospective participants that they came a much shorter distance than she to say much less.

To defend the memory of John Sheridan, Delenn left her self-imposed exile.

Delenn’s final journey was a quest involving Valen, though others failed to believe in her mission.

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