VARIATION on ECHOES VOLUME 5: UNsigned, Never Released

We were well-intentioned, but we were wrong.

Here's the scoop. Since Jerry Doyle's death you can not find a Volume 5 of ECHOES OF ALL OUR CONVERSATIONS anywhere.

How do we know?  Fans had been writing us for years because they had completed their collections EXCEPT for Volume 5.

Earlier this year, when Captain Jaclyn was working with Pat Tallman on the Lyta Autograph Crystal, Jaclyn had the idea to issue a "new" volume 5 signed by Patricia Tallman, in honor of Jerry.

We designed a different color cover, and custom signature page for Pat.  When the test batch we ordered arrived we realized that we were NOT honoring the limited nature of the ECHOES series. A different colored cover and a different star signing did not make it different because the contents were exactly the same.

The only reason we are even offering these from the test batch is (1) There are so few and (2) they have a NOT FOR RESALE imprint across the cover.  (See photo above.) Complete details about the original are here  Price: $59 Ships in 3 business days

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