A Narn who coordinated G'Kar's return to the Homeworld in December 2260 and supplied willing Narns to assassinate Lord Antono Refa. [320]


A Narn who asked Citizen G'Kar to stay aboard Babylon 5 when the latter was ordered back to Narn by the provisional government in January 2260. [303]


The capital city of the Narn Regime, home to the Kha'Ri building and the birthplace of G'Kar. After the Centauri bombardment of Narn in 2259, the capital was moved to Moxtoke. [GB5, SS:TS]



A Narn born in G'Kamazad during the first Centauri occupation of Narn to parents who served in the household of a wealthy Centauri family. In his youth, the Narn who later named himself G'Kar after becoming a disciple of G'Quan, witnessed the hanging of his father for spilling a beverage upon the mistress of the house. His father asked him to honor his name, and G'Kar slew his first Centauri that night, joining the Narn resistance and participating in the war of attrition that eventually forced the Centauri from Narn.

By the time of the Earth-Minbari War, G'Kar was a politician fluent in Centauri, English and Minbari. He traveled to Earth to negotiate weapons sales to the Earth Alliance, intending to create closer ties to that government should it survive, while implicating the Centauri by use of their technology in the eyes of the Minbari. He later accompanied Commander John Sheridan and Dr. Stephen Franklin to an abandoned Drazi colony in an effort to talk peace with Anla-shok Na Lenonn, but the meeting was terminated by a Centauri attack.

Circa 2252, G'Kar became a member of the Kha'Ri and embarrassed Counselor Du'Rog. G'Kar was serving in the Third Circle when he became the Narn Regime's ambassador to Babylon 5 in 2257. By this time, he'd survived two assassination attempts and received gill implants, allowing him to move freely within the station's Alien Sector. Upon her arrival, G'Kar offered Lyta Alexander substantial remuneration for access to her genetic material via cloning or direct mating; she demurred.

Ambassador G'Kar conspired with Del Varner and an unidentified Minbari to assassinate Ambassador Kosh Naranek and frame Commander Jeffrey Sinclair for the murder. G'Kar prosecuted the commander for the Advisory Council and blackmailed Ambassador Londo Mollari to vote in agreement with the Narn Regime to extradite the accused murderer to Vorlon space. When the matter was resolved, Sinclair convinced G'Kar that he'd been implanted with a transceiver, precipitating tortuous medical examinations for the Narn diplomat.

When the Regime conquered Raghesh 3 in January 2258, G'Kar initially pleaded his government's innocence, before lying to the Advisory Council that the Centauri citizens had requested aid and embarrassing Mollari with the knowledge that the Centauri Republic had not authorized any action to reclaim the colony. G'Kar later arranged the surrender of Raghesh 3 when Sinclair provided evidence that the Narn had supported raiding on Earth Alliance shipping lanes.

During the negotiation of the Euphrates Treaty, G'Kar briefly ceded diplomatic authority to his aide, Ko'Dath, when Mollari's romantic affair distracted him from his duties. G'Kar was enlisted by Sinclair in a scheme to acquire Mollari's purple files, but the Narn was only a pawn in the Earther's plan to secure concessions from the Centauri while stabilizing the latter's position.

G'Kar declined advocacy for the M'ola and Tharg of the Onteen, but took up the cause of the beings assaulted by Malcolm Biggs's Home Guard cell.

Upon his death, Counselor Du'Rog hired the Thenta Makur to assassinate G'Kar, whose suspicion immediately fell upon his newly arrived aid, Na'Toth. With her help, G'Kar averted the assassination and disgraced his would-be assassin by planting illicit funds in the killer's accounts. When Universal Terraform negotiated with the Regime for access to Sigma 957, G'Kar warned Catherine Sakai not to visit that world, and later dispatched Narn fighters to retrieve her ship, which had been crippled in an encounter with the Walkers of Sigma 957, the impetus for G'Kar's warning.

When Security Chief Michael Garibaldi was implicated in a terrorist bombing, G'Kar offered him a job as an analyst or cryptographer for Narn Regime, though the Earther declined. After Na'Toth's attack on War Master Jha'dur, G'Kar offered the Dilgar three times Earth's proposed recompense for her universal anti-agapic, but was unwilling to give her his attaché's head.

As the senior-most follower of G'Quan on Babylon 5, G'Kar purchased a G'Quan Eth for the Holy Days of G'Quan, but its destruction in a shipping accident forced him to kowtow to Mollari for the only specimen of the plant on the station. Sinclair eventually ruled the plant a controlled substance and G'Kar was allowed to buy it from Mollari in time for a modified religious observance.

G'Kar answered Morden's inquiry without the follow through necessary to engage the Shadows and, at year's end, personally investigated the seemingly impossible destruction of Quadrant 37. In early 2259, using data gleaned from The Book of G'Quan, he discovered the return of the Shadows, escaping to warn Babylon 5 only at the cost of his wingmen, though his warnings went publicly unheeded. He later ordered an exploratory mission to Z'ha'dum, but it was destroyed by Shadows, the incident labeled a jump engine malfunction.

G'Kar engaged in an affair with Mollari's wife, Mariel, and later attended the party celebrating the Centauri's thirtieth anniversary of ascendence while wearing boots, an egregious offense. When Turhan announced a state visit to Babylon 5, G'Kar plotted his assassination despite Captain John Sheridan's urging to open a dialogue with the emperor, but was foiled by the emperor's heart attack. Dr. Stephen Franklin later relayed Turhan's wish to publicly apologize to a Narn in neutral space. In response to this sentiment, G'Kar raised a glass to the emperor's health alongside Mollari and was subsequently blindsided by the Shadow attack on Quadrant 14, a victory claimed by the Centauri and initiating the Narn-Centauri War.

Throughout the subsequent war, G'Kar sought to establish alliances, fought a duel with a Narn who undermined their cause, and spoke to the Human news media and Babylon Advisory Council of Centauri atrocities. When Dr. Stephen Franklin relayed information on unusual Centauri fleet movements, G'Kar sought to preempt defeat by averting a Narn attack on Gorash 7, but he was unsuccessful. After days of planetary bombardment, Kha'Mak ordered G'Kar to seek sanctuary from Captain John Sheridan and the Narn Regime surrendered.

After his people's defeat, G'Kar was stripped of his ambassadorial credentials and sought to secure his position with the station's Narn population by arranging communiqués from Narn with Garibaldi's assistance and weapons drops supplied by Timothy Chase. Despite his lack of official status, G'Kar attempted to meet with Frederick Lantz of the Earth Alliance Ministry of Peace, but was rebuffed, an Earth/Centauri non-aggression treaty announced at year's end.

In 2260, Citizen G'Kar met with David Endawi and identified Shadow vessels recorded by Lieutenant Warren Keffer's gun camera the previous year. He later found himself trapped in a burning transport tube with Mollari, but his desire to watch the Centauri die was thwarted by a station rescue team. After the arrival of Counselor Na'Far of the Centauri-appointed Narn Provisional Government, G'Kar considered returning to his homeworld in an effort to end the persecution of his supporter's families but was convinced to remain on the station by Ta'Lon and others.

Still obsessed with acquiring telepathy for his beaten people, G'Kar purchased Dust from Mr. Lindstrom and tested the drug's efficacy by telepathically assaulting Mollari. Kosh made telepathic contact with G'Kar during the assault, compelling him to rethink his and the Narns' place in history. G'Kar was sentenced to six weeks in Babylon 5's brig for his assaults on Mollari and Vir Cotto. While incarcerated, he began writing the Book of G'Kar.

After serving half his sentence, G'Kar was released in the wake of President Clark's declaration of martial law. With the station's security force undermined by Night Watch, he organized the station's Narns as an auxiliary under Garibaldi's command. G'Kar smuggled Anla-shok Drakhen aboard the station and assisted in coordinating the defense of Babylon 5 against Clark's forces after Sheridan declared independence.

Later in the year, G'Kar befriended David McIntyre, aiding him in battle DownBelow and finding him a place with the Narn Resistance when the Human's mission on Babylon 5 was accomplished. After months of investigating the Anla-shok and surreptitious meetings, Ambassador Delenn told G'Kar of her part in keeping the Shadow's return a secret and invited him into the Army of Light. When Sheridan later tested his theory that telepaths could be used against the Shadows, G'Kar convinced Warleader Na'Kal and several other League species to serve as his backup, and later arranged for telepaths enlisting to fight the Shadows to have Narn bodyguards.

In collusion with Mollari, G'Kar traveled to Narn where he lured Lord Antono Refa to his death, freeing 2,000 Narns in return for his participation. Back on the station, G'Kar secured Gaim munitions for the Army of Light, facilitating Sheridan's later attack on Z'ha'dum.

In 2261, after Garibaldi's abduction, G'Kar left the sanctuary of Babylon 5 to find his friend, aided by Anla-shok Marcus Cole, whom he'd befriended during his association with McIntyre. G'Kar's search was cut short when Centauri agents arrested him, bringing the Narn before Emperor Cartagia, who charged him with "acts of violence against the Centauri Republic, directing insurrection against the Republic's rightful rule, murder, sedition, treason, terrorism etc" and personally oversaw his torture, ordered the extraction of his left eye, and then condemned him to a show trial and execution on Narn. Unbeknownst to the sovereign, Mollari arranged for G'Kar's escape during the event to serve as a distraction for an act of regicide in return for the freedom of Narn.

With the Centauri withdrawal ordered by Prime Minister Mollari, G'Kar refused his people's invitation to become a dictator, accepting instead a seat in the First Circle of a reestablished Kha'Ri, though he returned to Babylon 5 rather than contribute to the governance of the Regime.

On Babylon 5, Dr. Stephen Franklin fitted G'Kar with a prosthetic eye, restoring his sight. G'Kar agreed to allow White Stars to patrol Narn borders in support of Sheridan's efforts to unify the League worlds and later signed a joint statement (on separate pages) with Mollari in support of Sheridan's war against Clark. After the Earth Alliance Civil War concluded, G'Kar traveled to Earth with Delenn and Mollari to present the Interstellar Alliance to President Susanna Luchenko. En route back to Babylon 5, the Narn deployed his eye to spy on the newlywed Delenn and Sheridan.

In 2262, G'Kar—now serving on the Interstellar Alliance's advisory board—wrote the presidential oath of office and attempted twice to administer it to Sheridan, but was repeatedly interrupted by terrorist activity. After repeated revisions, G'Kar's Declaration of Principles was accepted as the philosophical basis of the Interstellar Alliance.

Throughout 2262, G'Kar became increasingly close to Mollari, receiving that latter's apology for misdeeds, discussing their respective childhoods while sheltering from an attack on the station and eventually agreeing to serve as Mollari's bodyguard on a mission to Centauri Prime. There, he taunted the nobility, flirted with the women of the court, failed to prevent an assassination attempt on his charge and liberated Na'Toth after two years in a Centauri dungeon.

Upon returning to Babylon 5, G'Kar discovered that the Kha'Ri had liberated and published his unfinished manuscript. Narns made pilgrimages to the station and, reluctantly, G'Kar began to offer philosophical talks while eschewing his new status as a religious icon.

When Mollari left Babylon 5 during the Centauri War, G'Kar once again accompanied him but was incarcerated as an enemy agent alongside his charge who refused to leave him. G'Kar later secured Mollari's release by vomiting within their shared cell and survived the joint Drazi/Narn bombing of the capital thanks to Mollari's rescue. Upon his friend's inauguration as emperor, G'Kar returned to Babylon 5.

Unable to reconcile his new status, G'Kar purchased a starship which he named Na'Toth and arranged to travel with Lyta Alexander after eluding an assassination attempt by a disgruntled disciple. He named Ta'Lon as his ambassadorial successor.

In their travels together, G'Kar and Alexander narrowly avoided becoming the victims of a planet possessed of a hive mind. After she left him to continue her war against the Psi Corps, G'Kar served as an advisor-at-large for the Interstellar Alliance, traveling to Minbar in 2265 to consult on the finding at Beta Durani 7. He intervened in Anla-shok David Martel's disciplinary hearing, averting the Human's expulsion from the order and narrowly avoided death aboard the Valen before providing tactical advice to Martel on the Liandra. At the completion of the mission, he returned to Babylon 5.

In 2269, G'Kar returned to Narn where Alisa Beldon had discovered his daughter, Jerrica Thomas. He formally conferred his seat on the Kha'Ri to his daughter, citing her life raised by Humans as a vital perspective for that governmental body. By 2271, G'Kar was exploring beyond the Rim with Dr. Franklin.

In the late 2270s, G'Kar returned to Centauri Prime in disguise, gathering intelligence for the Interstellar Alliance until he was unmasked and became Emperor Mollari II's house guest. When the Drakh presence on Centauri Prime was revealed by Cotto's underground in 2278, G'Kar fulfilled Mollari's death dream by strangling the emperor before his keeper could alert its Drakh masters to Delenn and Sheridan escaping their custody. G'Kar died arm in arm with his one-time-enemy-turned-friend.

Emperor Cotto ordered statues of G'Kar and Mollari—designed by his wife Senna—erected at either side of the capital city on Centauri Prime. [000, 103, 104, 105, 107, 108, 110, 111, 112, 113, 114, 116, 202, 205, 208, 209, 212, 214, 219, 220, 221, 301, 302, 303, 304, 306, 308, 309, 310, 311, 312, 314, 317, 318, 320, 322, 401, 402, 403, 404, 405, 407, 409, 412, 415, 419, 421, 502, 503, 504, 505, 507, 509, 510, 511, 513, 515, 516, 517, 518, 519, 520, 521, 522, MOW2, LotR, LTC, N1, DC9, DC10, LF3]

G'Kar statuette

G'Kar statuette

Unauthorized likenesses of Citizen G'Kar manufactured and sold by Tru'Nil in 2262 as religious icons to honor the object of his devotion. [520, 521]

G'Kar's dagger

G'Kar's dagger

A weapon that was carved elaborately according to Narn tradition. In 2259, G'Kar planned to use the dagger to kill the Centauri Emperor Turhan. [209]



A deified Narn prophet whose teachings remained more popular than G'Quan or G'Ston in the 23rd century and whose writings were so ancient that it was forgotten when they were written. When Narn glimpsed Vorlons outside their encounter suits, they saw G'Lan, a winged Narn. When Ambassador Kosh Naranek appeared to G'Kar while the latter was under the influence of Dust, he appeared as G'Lan despite G'Kar's religious dedication to G'Quan. [114, 222, 306, 502, GB5]


A Narn with a scarred face who crewed various Narn ships from 2251 before transferring to a non-Narn shipping company circa July 2258. By December 2258, she served as second-in-command aboard the Khatkhata when it stopped on Zafran 8.

G'Leel became an informant to the techno-mages Galen and Isabelle, telling them of the Khatkhata's cargo of Human telepaths bound for Thenothk 4. She later aided Blaylock and Galen in their flight from that planet following an intelligence gathering mission.

After learning from Galen of the Centauri's plans for Narn, she evacuated her family from the planet before the orbital bombardment of 2259 and later joined Alwyn in the Citizens of Light Disaster Relief Society, flying relief missions to Narn in 2260. She organized a Narn suicide mission to bomb Z'ha'dum, but two of her ships were destroyed leaving hyperspace and G'Leel barely escaped with the crew of the third.

G'Leel continued to work alongside Alwyn in the last days of the Shadow War, aiding Galen in his pursuit of Morden aboard Babylon 5 and participating in Captain John Sheridan's battle with the Shadows at Sector 83. [TM1, TM2, TM3]



A Narn who led the ransacking of the replica Centauri throne room erected in the Kha'Ri building after Prime Minister Londo Mollari announced the Centauri withdrawal from Narn. G'Lorn nominated G'Kar to lead the Narn in a war of vengeance against the Centauri, earning his would-be dictator's disdain. [405]


A Narn who served as G'Kar's lieutenant during the Human/Narn arms trade that accompanied the Earth-Minbari War. When G'Kar placed the arms deals on hold, pending Commander John Sheridan's peace mission to Sector 919, G'Mak supplemented his income by informing Londo Mollari of the meeting and its location, resulting in its failure.

After he learned that his information had allowed the Centauri to avert a peaceful resolution to the War, G'Mak attempted to assassinate Mollari, but was thwarted by G'Kar. [N1]


A Narn telepath who lived in the 13th century. He united the broods on the Talree peninsula and repulsed the Shadows from their base on the southern continent of Narn, tracking them back to Z'ha'dum. G'Quan charged the Po'Far brood with upholding justice on Narn and wrote The Book of G'Quan, which detailed his people's struggle against the Shadows and warned of their return. He was one of the last Narn telepaths to die.

By the 23rd century, the religion based on G'Quan's teachings was in ascent. [114, 202, 209, 219, 314, 322, 510, 513, 516, GB5, DB5]

G'Quan Eth

A sacred flowering plant burned as incense in Narn religious ceremonies like the Holy Days of G'Quan. The plant was prized by the Centauri for the intoxicating effects created by imbibing alcohol mixed with the seeds. It was difficult to grow and expensive to transport.

In 2258, the G'Quan Eth secured by Ambassador G'Kar was destroyed in a docking accident aboard the Tal'Quith. The only other on-station plant belonged to Ambassador Londo Mollari, who refused to sell it to G'Kar after initially offering the plant for 50,000 credits.

Discovering that the G'Quan Eth was considered a controlled botanical substance by Earth Alliance law, illegal to possess except for legitimate medical or religious purposes, Commander Jeffrey Sinclair ordered Mollari to relinquish it to G'Kar for fair market value. [114]

G'Quan Eth cookies

A comestible produced by the Narn with the G'Quan Eth plant. [DC3]

G'Quan Eth shawl

G'Quan Eth shawl

A garment worn by followers of G'Quan during prayer. [114, 521]

G'Quan mountain

A sacred mountain on Narn. Followers of G'Quan concluded their holy days when the local sun appeared from behind the mountain. [114]

G'Quan soup

A medley soup devised by G'Quan on the Talree peninsula when he gathered the distrustful broods on the verge of starvation together, asking each to bring one vegetable and one bowl to contribute and partake of the meal. The soup was traditionally eaten in celebration of G'Quan's hatchday. [DB5]



A Narn who served with his wife Na'Laq in a Centauri household as a servant during the first occupation. He fathered G'Kar and was later beaten and hanged from a jalwah tree for spilling hot jala upon the mistress of the house. On his third day hanging, his son visited and G'Quarn's last request was to be remembered, his name honored. G'Quarn died and G'Kar killed his first Centauri in his father's memory.

In 2260, Ambassador Kosh Naranek co-opted the image of G'Quarn to influence G'Kar on Babylon 5. [306, LF3, DB5]


A Narn techno-mage who helped create the illusion of the entire techno-mage order boarding the Ondavi at Babylon 5 in 2259. G'Ran died aboard the ship with twenty-four other mages. [TM2]


The Narn variant of Jerrica Thomas's name. [SS:TS]



A Narn warleader. In 2259, G'Sten visited Babylon 5 to see his nephew, Ambassador G'Kar. There, he outlined his plan for the Narn Regime's all-out attack on Gorash 7, a strategy designed to make the Centauri think that the Regime was committing to a new offensive. G'Sten commanded the fleet of G'Quan-class cruisers. When the Shadows attacked, G'Sten ordered his fleet to retreat, but the Shadows destabilized his ship's jump point, killing him. [219]


A Narn prophet who lived circa 762. [GB5]



A G'Quan-class heavy cruiser that avoided destruction with the rest of the Narn fleet during the Narn-Centauri War because it was on a deep space patrol at the time of Narn's fall.

Warleader Na'Kal took the ship to Babylon 5 for repairs and sanctuary in December 2259. With the signing of the Earth/Centauri non-aggression treaty, the G'Tok was forced to flee the station, with Babylon 5 firing on an attacking Centauri warship and providing a Starfury escort.

In 2260, the G'Tok returned after Babylon 5's secession from the Earth Alliance and, at G'Kar's insistence, supported Captain John Sheridan's mission to determine the efficacy of telepaths against Shadow vessels. [222, 318]

Gagarin City

A city on Mars. [400, 410, 416, 417]

Gagarin Station

An orbital facility above Earth used by M'Gede Technologies and KarmaTech to manufacture starships. [GB5]

Gaim (species)

Gaim (species)

A sentient insectoid species from the planet N'chak'fah. Over time, six queens came to rule the species, with each kingdom genetically predisposed to follow its queen. Disobedience and rebellion were only possible via chemical alteration, so pheromone warfare was common in the ongoing cold war waged by the queens.

Gaim society was task-oriented, with individuals—including the queens—genetically engineered to perform a function in society; autonomous free-thinking advisers served the queen, while menial labor was carried out by virtually mindless drones who felt a chemical-induced pleasure in response to completing their work. Gaim warriors were bred to their task and were among the fiercest fighters imaginable, later being hired as mercenaries after contact with alien life.

The Gaim remained isolated by their atmosphere until the Narn invaded in the 23rd century and were repulsed. To facilitate contact with aliens, the six queens merged their genetic material for the first time and engineered a bipedal ambassador class optimized for interspecies interaction.

Though masters of biological science, the Gaim's late entry into space travel required them to rely on second-hand spacecraft, typically obsolete Brakiri freighters, repossessed Centauri cruisers and scavenged Markab vessels. [GB5]

Gaim Intelligence

The Gaim government, consisting of six warring monarchies ruled by the queens who controlled various regions of N'chak'fah. After fending off a Narn invasion, the queens abandoned all but economic conflict and formed a coalition to end their isolationism and interact with other species, genetically engineering an ambassador class to facilitate the job. [GB5]

Gaim thermonuclear device

Gaim thermonuclear device

A Gaim nuclear weapon that used a thermal fusion system for detonation. The devices were undetectable on scanners, could be remotely armed and delivered a five hundred megaton thermonuclear blast.

In late 2260, a complement of the weapons were delivered to Babylon 5 by the Gaim ambassador. Captain John Sheridan subsequently used two of the devices against the Shadows' largest underground city on Z'ha'dum. [322]


A Narn root, akin to ginger. An ale could be derived from the root. [DB5]

Gajic, Aldous

Gajic, Aldous

A Human who was an accountant for a major Earth corporation. During the family's first interplanetary vacation on Mars, his wife Sarah and their two children were killed when the crawler carrying them across Amazonis Planitia fell into a crevasse. Gajic survived, recovering in a hospital, but could no longer go on with his life as it had been before the accident.

Gajic met a member of a nearly-extinct order seeking the Holy Grail. Gajic joined the order and succeeded the man who'd restored meaning to his life when he died, inheriting both his staff and his quest. Believing the search of the Earth exhausted, Gajic took the quest to the stars, heading to Babylon 5 where he hoped he might find evidence that the Grail had been traded to another species after Humans made contact with aliens. He contacted the station's principal ambassadors prior to his arrival, and Ambassador Delenn of Minbar insisted Commander Jeffrey Sinclair welcome Gajic to the station as a true seeker and VIP.

When Thomas Jordan stole his credit chit in Babylon 5's customs lounge, Gajic requested custody of the young man and began to instruct him in the ways of the order, while defending him from the henchmen of Desmond Muzychenko, a loanshark. Gajic's conferences with Delenn and Ambassador Londo Mollari proved fruitless in tracing the Grail, but left an impression on Jordan.

Gajic was eventually captured by Muzychenko and killed. Before dying, he made Jordan his legal successor, passing along his staff, resources and the quest for the Holy Grail. Jordan took charge of Gajic's body and was given a special crystal by Ambassador Delenn to mark Gajic's grave as that of a True Seeker. [109]

Gajic, Sarah

A Human, the wife of Aldous Gajic and mother of his two children. She and her children were killed when the crawler conveying the family across Amazonis Planitia fell 50–100 feet into a fissure. [109]

Gajic's predecessor

A Human who was the last of a 1,000-year-old order searching for the Holy Grail. He gave Gajic a reason to live after his family was killed and bequeathed the resources of his order and staff to Gajic upon his death. [109]

gal'sha nuts

A Minbari nut, akin to Earth hazelnuts. Gal'sha nuts were an ingredient of tulba pod salad, the traditional mid-day meal of the Minbari Religious Caste. [DB5]

Galactic Boutiq

A department store located in Babylon 5's Zócalo. [104]

Galactic Encyclopedia, The

An illustrated compendium of 23rd century knowledge. [DC9, DC10]

Galactic Rim

The edge of the Milky Way galaxy. At the conclusion of the 23rd century Shadow War, Lorien, the Shadows, the Vorlons and the other First Ones traveled beyond the Galactic Rim, leaving the realm in which their species evolved. [203, 304, 405, 406, 422, MOW1, MOW4]


A figure from Arthurian legend. After reconciling David McIntyre with the Minbari by way of Ambassador Delenn, Anla-shok Marcus Cole opined that the Army of Light was an analog for Camelot, equating Galahad with himself. [312]

Galatea, EAS

An Earthforce heavy cruiser commanded by Captain John Sheridan prior to his assignment to the EAS Agamemnon in October 2256. It had a crew of 102 officers and men. [D7]



A Human born in 2237 to two powerful corporately oriented techno-mages. As a boy, Galen became his father's apprentice, suffering physical abuse that his mother would heal prior to visits from Elric, the mage assigned by the Circle to monitor their marriage, a rarity among mages. When Galen's parents killed one another on 10 October 2247, Alwyn—his father's closest friend—sought to take the orphan as a second apprentice, but Galen's upbringing was instead entrusted to Elric on Soom.

In 2255, the boy chose the name "Galen," after the Ancient Greek healer Aelius Galenus, and received his chrysalis. Over the next three years, Galen established a mathematically based spell language and concentrated on re-creating the conjurations of others, forsaking originality. In late 2258, he discovered the spell of destruction, a one-term equation in his language that suggested certain key abilities encoded into the tech.

The November 2258 convocation on Soom saw Galen's initiation into the Order overshadowed by signs that the Shadows had returned. After injuring Elizar with the spell of destruction, Galen was forbidden to cast it again, and—prior to the convocation's conclusion—tasked to accompany Burell and Isabelle to Zafran 8, on an intelligence-gathering mission. During their time together, Galen and Isabelle established a strong bond.

Galen and Isabelle fled to Brensil 4 after a confrontation with a Shadow on Zafran 8. Upon arriving, they were met by Elizar, who was to convey them back to Soom, but he instead asked them to pledge allegiance to him, speaking of a conspiracy within the Circle to keep the truth of the tech from the mages. When Galen and Isabelle refused, hostilities erupted and Isabelle was mortally wounded by Elizar, dying in Galen's arms with a promise to send him a message from the afterlife. Carvin retrieved Galen from Brensil 4 and returned him to Soom to report on Elizar's treachery and the Shadows' return.

While the mages under Elric and Ing-Radi's leadership created the illusion of the complete order's presence on Babylon 5, Galen accompanied Blaylock to Thenothk to learn more of the Shadows plans. Aided by G'Leel, the two mages battled rogue members of the Order in the service of the Shadows and rejoined the rest of their kind just before the exodus to the hiding place.

En route to the hiding place in 2259, Galen rescued Ensign Matthew Gideon, the only survivor of the EAS Cerberus, destroyed by Earthforce Shadow technology, and conveyed him to Omega 7. Once ensconced on their camouflaged asteroid, Galen was assigned to monitor the outside world on the Order's behalf.

After Circe's betrayal and murder of Elric, the remaining members of the Circle tasked Galen with assassinating Morden and the rogue mages led by Elizar to eliminate future threats to the Order. Herazade fitted him with an explosive device designed to kill him if his tech should become inoperable and he was allotted thirty-five days to complete his mission and rendezvous at a designated point to be admitted back to the hiding place.

Galen traveled to Babylon 5 in the guise of Guy Phillips and met with Alwyn and G'Leel, advising them of the Shadows' plan to strike at Sector 83, information he also conveyed to Captain John Sheridan. After failing to kill Morden on the station, Galen made his way to Z'ha'dum, where he discovered Elizar's plan to create an army of machine men and establish a new order of mages under his control. During the ensuing confrontation, Elizar and Razeel were killed, Galen narrowly escaped succeeding Wierden as the Eye and he became one with his tech, bypassing the need for a spell language and forming a true symbiosis.

After aiding Sheridan in the destruction of the Shadows' capital city and barely surviving the nuclear explosion, Galen left Morden in the care of Lorien and fled Z'ha'dum aboard a Shadow vessel once operated by Anna Sheridan, arriving at the rendezvous in time to meet Federico. Once back in the hiding place, Galen was hailed as a hero by some and looked upon with suspicion by others. He relayed the secret of becoming one with the tech to Blaylock, shortly before the elder mages's death, but other members of the Order seemed unable to accomplish the symbiosis.

Galen was reprimanded by Circle for violation of Solidarity and Knowledge, and declared the worst disgrace in 500 years, though there was little that could be done to punish one who had achieved a perfect relationship to the tech, and Galen returned to monitoring the outside world, dedicating himself to destroying Shadow technology left behind when the species departed known space in early 2261.

In early 2264, Galen and Kane traveled to Centauri Prime to gather intelligence on the Drakh presence controlling the Republic. By late 2266, Galen was actively countering Drakh plots by dispatching mages loyal to him to aid Ambassador Vir Cotto in the destruction of Xha'dam. In December of that year, he compelled President Sheridan, Captain Leonard Anderson, Dureena Nafeel and Ni'im via electron incantations to establish the framework necessary to protect Earth from a salvaged Shadow deathcloud.

For his sustained contact with the outside world, Galen was exiled from the hiding place in early 2267, traveling to Mars with Dureena Nafeel and advising Sheridan to select Captain Gideon to lead the search for a cure to the Drakh plague infecting Earth. Galen pursued the Excalibur to Ceti 4, covertly aiding Gideon's crew until revealing himself to the captain near the site of their first meeting and pledging to help save Earth.

Throughout the year, Galen rebuffed Nafeel's repeated entreaties to become his apprentice, and divided his time between the Excalibur and Centauri Prime. On Regula 4, Galen was reunited with Alwyn, helping the elder mage and Gideon put a stop to Earthforce's devastating strip mining of that world. Later, Galen manipulated Nafeel to access the forgiveness-sustained being from the path or sorrows, and was reminded of Isabelle's last minutes. Galen threatened to destroy the creature, but Gideon returned it to its resting place and Lieutenant John Matheson relayed a transmission of alleged unspecified origin to Galen, seemingly from Isabelle.

Galen once again saved Gideon's life on Kulan's world, later deploying his homunculus to re-create the murder of IPX crewman Forelli. He attempted to dissuade Gideon from landing on Belan's world, citing the techno-mage admonition against visiting the planet, but later discovered that one of his Order created the nanovirus that killed the planet's population. Galen sacrificed his staff—all that remained to him of Elric—to destroy the obscenity, but Nafeel recovered the staff, returning it to him. After the Apocalypse Box apprised Gideon of the whereabouts of a vessel akin to the one that killed the Cerberus, Galen voted to pursue the ship, later reporting the incident to his fellow mage, Dirk.

On Babylon 5, Galen cast a love spell on Mariel, allowing Cotto to use her as a spy within Durla's faction on Centauri Prime. Returning to the Excalibur, Galen convinced Gideon to pursue the Well of Forever, eventually hijacking the ship to fulfill his obligation to lay Isabelle's ashes to rest at the site. After promising to help Gideon fulfill his promise to avenge the Cerberus crew, Galen met Cotto on Centauri Prime to investigate the extent of the Drakh presence in the Royal Palace and discovers the keeper on Emperor Mollari II.

In December 2267, Galen accompanied Gideon to an Earthforce base in Sector 420 where the latter learned of the techno-mages' association with the Shadows, creating a rift between him and Galen. Shortly thereafter on Mars, Galen attempted to avert Gideon's assassination.

Foreseeing a scenario where Prince Dius Vintari might one day lead the Centauri Republic in a war against Earth, Galen again contacted President Sheridan via electron incantation in 2271, urging the head of the Interstellar Alliance to kill the Centauri noble, but intending to manipulate Sheridan into becoming the boy's guardian, a maneuver that succeeded.

At the 2258 convocation, Galen stated his reason for being a techno-mage as, "To revere and keep alive the traditions of the ancients. To devote my life to study and strive to further their work. To master control of the tech. To do good where I can." [MOW4, C102, C103, C106, C107, C108, C109, LBHLB, LT1, N3, TM1, TM2, TM3]

Galen's "magic rock"

A piece of the Well of Forever that the techno-mage Galen used as a holographic projector to show the crew of the Excalibur the hyperspace coordinates of the Well. Skeptical of the credibility of Galen's information, Dr. Maximilian Eilerson dubbed the device a "magic rock." [C106]

Galen's amulet

Galen's amulet

An amulet that held a vial containing the ashes of the techno-mage Isabelle. In 2267, the techno-mage Galen commandeered the Excalibur in order to keep his promise to Isabelle, finding the Well of Forever, spreading her ashes on the ground and placing the amulet to remain there with them. [C106]

Galen's father

A Human techno-mage born on the 10th of October. He was a powerful corporate figure, working in concert with his wife. The marriage—unusual for techno-mages—was monitored by Elric, who visited every three months to observe the stability of the marriage and the safety of their son, Galen.

With his close friend Alwyn, Galen's father drank to excess and had numerous affairs. When neither Alwyn nor Elric were present, he abused both his wife and son, the latter his techno-mage apprentice.

On 10 October 2247, Galen's father celebrated his birthday aboard a ship that was subsequently destroyed when he and his wife fought a violent duel, causing a fire that killed all aboard. His body was recovered by Elric, who undertook the raising of Galen. [TM1, TM3]

Galen's father's ring

An artifact of technomancy designed by Galen's mother circa 2247 to instantly collect data, insert data or erase the data from a standard datacrystal. It also recorded events happening around it and could deliver a lethal electric shock to the wearer if commanded to do so by its master.

After years of trying to decipher its key, Galen inserted a probe into the ring and left it with Fa on Soom when the mages departed for their hiding place. Fa used the device to contact Galen in November 2260, when the Shadows attacked Soom. Galen watched through the probe as Fa was interrogated and tortured by Elizar, Razeel and Bunny Oliver. Attempting to save her from Razeel's devouring conjurations, Galen finally cracked the ring's password: The Greek translation of J.R.R. Tolkien's quote, "Do not try the patience of wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger." Unaware of the ring's programming, he activated the "electric storm" option and killed Fa by accident. [TM1, TM3]

Galen's flyer (1st)

A ship built by the Kinetic Grimlis and given to Galen in January 2259, shortly after his initiation. He used it to rescue Ensign Matthew Gideon from asphyxiation in space. The ship delivered Galen to Z'ha'dum in 2260, bypassing the Eye due to the Shadow technology inherent in its design. Galen programmed the ship to self-destruct if he did not return within a designated window of time. When the duration elapsed while he was unconscious, the ship destroyed itself. [TM2, TM3]

Galen's flyer (2nd)

Galen's flyer (2nd)

A ship used by Galen subsequent to the loss of his first vessel. Throughout 2267, Galen rendezvoused with the Excalibur and Vir Cotto in his pursuit of Shadow technology. In searching for the Well of Forever, Galen merged his ship's navigational systems with those of the Excalibur, using the mage vessel's superior signal tracking with the Alliance vessel's more powerful engines to navigate the depths of hyperspace. [C106]

Galen's homunculus

Galen's homunculus

A techno-mage conjuration dispatched to the surface of Kulan's world to investigate the death of the IPX crewman Forelli in 2267. Launched from Galen's flyer berthed aboard the Excalibur, the homunculus—described by Galen as a projection of more substance than a hologram and remotely controlled by him—was quickly attacked and vivisected by Kulan's hunter 'bots. After "vivisection," the homunculus's head stowed away aboard one of the 'bots and transmitted images of a starship graveyard back to the Excalibur before Galen became distracted and lost contact with the probe. [C103]

Galen's mother

A Human techno-mage who, with Galen's father, served a powerful corporate figure. Her marriage—uncommon for mages—was monitored by Elric for its stability as well as the well being of her son. She spoke Greek to Galen as a child and regularly healed the wounds dealt him by his abusive father, who believed she was trying to steal the boy as her own apprentice.

In October 2247, she failed to heal one of Galen's wounds, allowing Elric to note it in the hopes that the boy would be given to her as an apprentice along with her husband's shares in the corporation. She designed a deadly ring for her husband's birthday, but died when a marital fight escalated into a firestorm aboard a ship, killing both on 10 October 2247. Galen was thereafter raised and taught by Elric. [TM1, TM2, TM3]

Galen's staff

Galen's staff

A gift of technomancy bestowed upon Galen by his mentor Elric before the former embarked on his first mission as a mage to Zafran 7. Measuring over four feet long, the staff could control, hold and channel energies.

Upon embarking on his mission to Z'ha'dum in 2260, Galen left his staff in the hiding place, programming it to self-destruct in the event of his death. He reclaimed it upon his return in 2261.

In 2267, Galen used the staff to destroy the artificial intelligence directing the techno-mage-created nanovirus that wiped out the population of Belan's world. He feared the staff lost forever in the resulting wreckage, but Dureena Nafeel recovered it for him. [TM1, TM3, C102]


A techno-mage who discovered the unfolded shield, defeated the Zrad and served as the right hand of Empress Nare, overseeing 100 years of peace. Gali-Gali wrote a memoir and was regarded by 23rd century techno-mages as one of the greatest of their order. [TM1]


A Human Interplanetary Expeditions mission supervisor to whom Drs. Chang and Anna Sheridan reported. He supervised the Alpha Omega 3 expedition in 2256-7. [D7]

Galus, Ray

Galus, Ray

A Human Earthforce Starfury pilot who commanded Zeta Wing on Babylon 5.

In early 2259, Commander Galus led Zeta Wing in the first successful hyperspace rescue of the EAS Cortez but was killed in a collision with a Shadow vessel during the mission. After returning to Babylon 5, Lieutenant Warren Keffer toasted Galus as the best squadron leader he ever had, and was appointed to succeed Galus as Zeta Wing's commanding officer by Commander Ivanova. [204]

Gamma Wing

A Starfury wing assigned to Babylon 5. [JMS]



A Human member of the Earth Alliance Senate. In 2257, he liaised with the Vorlon Empire regarding the attempted assassination of Ambassador Kosh Naranek and eventually relieved Commander Jeffrey Sinclair of command during the ensuing investigation.

In January 2258, Gant claimed that Commander Sinclair had exceeded his authority by calling for a vote of the Babylon 5 Advisory Council and League of Non-Aligned Worlds for military intervention against the Narn Regime after its annexation of Raghesh 3. Gant, fearful that Sinclair's actions would lead to a war on the eve of Earth presidential elections, while Earth was still recovering from the recent Earth-Minbari War, ordered Sinclair to delay the vote or abstain. More concerned with Earth's political climate than dying colonists, Gant took the position that the alien races should be left to fight out the situation on their own without Earth policing the galaxy. Later in the year, Gant refused to advise Commander Jeffrey Sinclair on the matter of Shon's medical treatment. [000, 103, 105]

Gant the Elder

A member of the Thieves' Guild who mentored Mafeek of Tripani 7. [MOW4, N3]



One of Jupiter's Galilean moons, and the largest moon in Earth's solar system. The Earth Alliance colonized Ganymede by the early 23rd century.

In 2237, Ganymede was the site of a strike where miners were killed. Circa 2250, the Psi Corps operated a secret base known as the Icehouse beneath the moon's surface. Director Johnston was assassinated there by Alfred Bester. In 2260, Interplanetary Expeditions discovered a Shadow vessel buried beneath the planet's surface. The vessel was excavated and reactivated, destroying the excavation site in its flight from the moon. [114, 308, PC2]



An exterior environment re-created within Babylon 5's Red Sector. With over 150 varieties of flora from many planets, the Garden provided oxygen reclamation for the station and supplied fruits and vegetables. Within the Garden was Earhart's, the Rotunda, the Zen Garden, the Park, the Maze and Babylon Park, a ballfield. [000, 112, 115, 201, 216, GB5]

Gare de Lyon

A French rail station rebuilt after World War III. [PC2]

Garibaldi, Alfredo

A Human of Italian descent (six generations removed from Italy) who lived in an eighty-two-story apartment building in New York City with his son Michael Alfredo Garibaldi. He worked security for New York and taught his son everything he knew about the business. He cooked like an angel and swore like the devil. Every Sunday, he cooked a large meal for whichever neighbors chose to partake.

Alfredo Garibaldi served under Major General Richard Franklin during the Dilgar War. Franklin regarded him as an excellent soldier.

He died at age seventy-five from Torg's syndrome, remaining active in security until the end. [204, 206, 210, DB5, LDCP]

Garibaldi, D.

A descendant of Michael Garibaldi who worked for EverDream Enterprises on Mars in the mid-26th century. He placed Marcus Cole in suspended animation as a low-level employee. Thirty-two years later, Garibaldi was Vice President of Operations for EverDream and attended Cole's revival before retiring the following week. [SS:STatIR]

Garibaldi hologram

A holographic replica of Head of Covert Intelligence Michael Garibaldi from the early days of the Interstellar Alliance with historically accurate memories created by a propagandist named Daniel in 2762.

The Garibaldi hologram was part of a program designed to discredit the founders of the Interstellar Alliance in order to legitimize the Earth Alliance's exit from that organization.

While Daniel was programming the Sheridan and Franklin hologram to discredit their historical antecedents, the Garibaldi hologram assessed the current Earth Alliance political situation and warned the pro-Interstellar Alliance faction of the Earth Alliance about a pre-emptive strike planned by Daniel's anti-ISA faction. The resulting nuclear war, known thereafter as the Great Burn, reduced Earth to a technologically primitive state but prevented a fascist Earth Alliance from coming to power. [501]

Garibaldi, Mary

Garibaldi, Mary

A Human born circa 2266 to Michael Alfredo Garibaldi and Lise Hampton Edgars Garibaldi and raised on Mars. At four years old, Garibaldi's father took her for secret walks outside Mars Dome, despite her mother's objections. In 2281, Mary enjoyed playing tennis with "Uncle Stephen" Franklin and participated in an interschool tennis tournament, winning first place. [422, PC3]

Garibaldi, Michael Alfredo

Garibaldi, Michael Alfredo

A Human born on Earth to Alfredo Garibaldi and his wife. He grew up in an eighty-two-story building in New York City and was the grandson of a Boston cop who left her Smith & Wesson .38 to him. Michael Garibaldi was raised Catholic, but abandoned the faith for agnosticism. His father taught him everything he knew about security.

Garibaldi developed an affinity for Looney Tunes cartoons, considering them his second favorite thing in the universe (he claimed tea was his third) and collected 20th century television programs. As a child, a fortune teller once told him, "You won't be happy as you go through life…but you will have interesting adventures and you'll get a lot of the best lines." In high school, he took French to get close to a pretty blonde. At some point, he spent part of his youth on Mars.

Circa 2241, Garibaldi was posted to Europa as the chief of security for an ice mining operation. The locale was rife with murder, theft and Dust peddling. Half the command staff was on the take and Garibaldi began drinking until he befriended Frank Kemmer and his family. When he cracked down on the rackets, Kemmer was killed in retaliation. Garibaldi was blamed, lost his job and returned to his alcohol.

Garibaldi's first deep-space posting found him hung out to dry on Orion 4. In Fortune City on Cestus, he befriended future championship fighter Walker Smith and would follow his career until its untimely end in the early 2250s.

During the Earth-Minbari War, Garibaldi served in the Earthforce Marines and was stationed on a moon in orbit of Vega 2. There he befriended a fellow Earther nicknamed Cowpoke and the two traded recipes. When the Minbari attacked, the ground pounders were almost entirely wiped out, Garibaldi surviving the deaths of all around him.

By 2253, Garibaldi operated a no-questions-asked shuttle service based in Mars Dome One with routes to outlying regions. He was hired by Lieutenant Jeffrey Sinclair to fly Sinclair and two other Earthforce officers over the Martian landscape in search of a classified objective. After Sinclair ensured Garibaldi's sobriety, the team flew four days' worth of survey missions before crashing on the fifth day due to a mysterious mechanical failure.

Garibaldi and Sinclair then set off across fifty miles of Martian desert to bring back help for the injured Lieutenant Sanchez. After surviving a sandstorm, Garibaldi became drunk, nearly allowing Sinclair to die in a landslide. Guided via com-link with Sanchez, Garibaldi recovered Sinclair in time. The two then stumbled into a joint Interplanetary Expeditions/Psi Corps excavation. They stole a crawler and Garibaldi infiltrated the base where he discovered experimentation on telepaths and evidence of Psi Corps's involvement. Using a grenade to cover their escape, he and Sinclair then returned for Sanchez.

After drying out, Garibaldi rejoined Earthforce, meeting Lise Hampton when he was posted to Mars security. The two were engaged to marry, but Commander Jeffrey Sinclair's offer to head security aboard Babylon 5 led Garibaldi to abandon the relationship. Moving to Grid Epsilon in late 2256 to assume his new post, Garibaldi quickly befriended Ambassador Londo Mollari of the Centauri.

In 2257, Security Chief Garibaldi investigated the attempted assassination of Ambassador Kosh Naranek, implicating and later clearing Sinclair of the charge. Garibaldi trained Jack, a security officer who became his right hand aboard the station.

Throughout 2258, Garibaldi maintained order on the station, stopping Mollari from making an attempt on Ambassador G'Kar's life, pursuing a Soul Hunter that kidnapped Ambassador Delenn, dealing with the Ikarran organic weapon that possessed Nelson Drake and tracing an unauthorized use of the Gold Channel to Lieutenant Commander Susan Ivanova.

Garibaldi led the search for Sinclair when the commander was interrogated by Knight Two. He headed the investigations into Home Guard attacks on the station's alien population, the death of G'Kar's bodyguard, Desmond Muzychenko's mindwiping of witnesses via a Na'ka'leen Feeder and the kidnapping of Ombuds Edgar Wellington.

While preparing for a presidential visit to the station, Garibaldi was implicated in the bombing of the Cobra Bay and relieved of his position pending investigation by Major Lianna Kemmer, the daughter of his old friend Frank. Garibaldi fled custody after being framed to clear his name, but instead succumbed to his alcoholism, barely recovering in time to stop Kemmer's second-in-command from carrying out sabotage on behalf of Home Guard. He made his peace with Kemmer before she departed the station.

During Warmaster Jha'dur's time on Babylon 5, he provided security and was later charged with ending the illegal strike of the station's Docker's Guild, eventually dropping charges against Guild members when the situation was resolved by the invocation of the Rush Act. He subsequently headed the search for Shai Alit Branmer's body when it vanished while being displayed on the station.

In August 2258, Garibaldi led Alpha Wing against raiders attacking the station. He later traveled with Sinclair to Babylon 4, helping to evacuate the station prior to its departure for the 13th century. When Walker Smith visited the station to participate in the Mutai, Garibaldi initially tried to dissuade him, but stood katow during the fight, helping his friend regain his reputation. During the Mars Rebellion, Garibaldi sought to reconnect with Lise Hampton, finding her married and expecting a child.

During Colonel Ari Ben Zayn's investigation into Babylon 5's command staff, Garibaldi was seconded to his team against his will, leaving Lennier unsupervised to complete the construction of a Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle that had been Garibaldi's hobby since winning the manual in a game. Around this time, Garibaldi hired Zack Allan despite the latter's unflattering professional references.

In December 2258, Garibaldi investigated Edgar Deveroux in relation to the murder of a lurker named Stephen Petrov. After agreeing to serve as Sinclair's best man, Garibaldi investigated Deveroux's disappearance from custody and discovered a conspiracy to assassinate President Luis Santiago. He was shot in the back by Jack before he could warn Sinclair, and—having suffered extensive thermal tissue damage to pancreas, spleen, kidney—slipped into a coma in medlab, where he was visited every day by Ivanova to see if his condition had changed.

With Garibaldi unresponsive to treatment and Sinclair reassigned, Dr. Stephen Franklin sought the authorization of the station's new commander, Captain John Sheridan, to use Laura Rosen's alien healing device to restore the security chief. Sheridan supplied his own life force and Garibaldi awakened in January 2259, identifying Jack as his assailant with help from Talia Winters. After a period of doubt as to his place on the station, Garibaldi's familiarity with Ivanova led to her rescue from Drazi captivity and Garibaldi resumed his post.

Back at work, Garibaldi—with Warren Keffer—tracked Mollari to an off-world meeting, encountering Shadow agents and escaped execution by Centauri authorities thanks to the ambassador, put an end to a shoplifting ring targeting the Zócalo (while smuggling illicit ingredients for bagna cauda aboard for his birthday), befriended Amos and tracked the Soldier of Darkness with his help and investigated the murder of Taro Isogi, becoming closer to Winters in the process. The arrival of Matthew Stoner, Winters's ex-husband, on the station elicited Garibaldi's suspicion and later helped him resolve an attempt on Mollari's life.

During the Centauri emperor's state visit to Babylon 5, Garibaldi became aware of the Anla-shok's presence on the station and became their covert liaison to the command staff. While the 356th Infantry Division of the Earthforce Marines was billeted aboard the station, Garibaldi maintained order and nearly embarked on an affair with Private First Class Elizabeth Durman, holding back in the hopes of future intimacy with Talia Winters and feeling guilty when Durman subsequently died at Matok.

With Ivanova and Franklin, Garibaldi was invited into Sheridan's cabal to gather evidence against President Clark, an association that found the security chief and doctor pursuing the fugitive Dr. Everett Jacobs aboard the station while eluding Earthforce personnel tasked with his capture. Another parallel investigation followed when both Garibaldi and Lennier pursued leads concerning Sheridan's alleged murder of an unarmed Minbari.

Having helped clear his commanding officer's name, Garibaldi again came to Sheridan's rescue when the latter was possessed by an alien parasite from Sector 14 and later, when the captain held Morden without charge after discovering he was a member of the ill-fated Icarus crew. Garibaldi briefly resigned in protest of his superior's actions, resuming his duties when Morden was released.

With the escalation of the Narn-Centauri War and the Narn Regime's eventual surrender, the outbreak of Drafa, the rise of Night Watch and the revelation that Talia Winters was a Psi Corps sleeper agent, late 2259 found Garibaldi working round the clock to maintain law and order.

The following year brought little relief with Robert Carlson's bombing spree, worry that Franklin was abusing stims, the investigation into Brother Edward's persecution and Alfred Bester's arrival in pursuit of a Dust dealer named Lindstrom. In the wake of President Clark's martial law decree, control of off-world security was transferred to Night Watch personnel, sidelining Garibaldi until Sergeant Allan colluded with the command staff to incarcerate the Night Watch. To compensate for the depleted security force, Garibaldi accepted Citizen G'Kar's offer to supplement the Earthforce personnel with Narns, deepening the understanding that had been growing since G'Kar lent the Human his copy of The Book of G'Quan.

In anticipation of Sheridan's declaration of the station's independence, Garibaldi cut off Earthforce's access to Babylon 5's computer system and led the repelling of Earthforce Marines when Clark attempted to take the station, sustaining a broken arm in the process. In the immediate aftermath, Garibaldi dealt with the kidnapping of Ambassador Delenn and Fleet Captain Lenann, perpetrated by former station security personnel.

In reading The Book of G'Quan, Garibaldi came to believe the Shadows were susceptible to telepaths, relaying the information to Sheridan. After once again confronting Dr. Franklin over his abuse of stims and convincing him to seek a leave of absence, Garibaldi investigated the murder of Kosh. He later traveled to Sector 14 where he monitored distress calls from a future Babylon 5. He returned to the station to discover that Ambassador Sinclair had led a group into the rift to hijack Babylon 4, excluding Garibaldi to save him from the deleterious effects of unprotected time travel.

While investigating the death of a maintenance worker, Garibaldi discovered a cult residing in the station's "lost" Grey 17, killing a Zarg to escape. In late December 2260, Garibaldi transferred Gaim explosives to the un-crewed White Star on Sheridan's orders and later flew in defense of the station when the Shadows seemed poised to destroy it. When the Shadows withdrew, they took Garibaldi with them, believing him the most chaos-oriented of Sheridan's possible successors.

In January 2261, Bester arranged, via the Psi Corps involvement with the Shadows, to have Garibaldi transferred to his auspices on Mars. Under Bester's direction, Garibaldi's natural paranoia was enhanced in the hopes of rooting out a conspiracy against the Corps. Garibaldi was later cast adrift and recovered by Allan. Upon returning to Babylon 5, the security chief quickly became suspicious of Sheridan and his alien confidant, Lorien.

After the conclusion of the Shadow War, Garibaldi accompanied Sheridan, Ivanova and Delenn to Babylon 4 before returning to Babylon 5 where he submitted his resignation and established himself as a private investigator based in the Jupiter Bistro & Marketplace. He undertook missing persons and property cases, spoke against Sheridan to the Interstellar Network News's Dan Randall and was eventually recruited by Mr. Wade to help William Edgars bypass customs on Babylon 5.

In this last capacity, Garibaldi was reunited with Lise Hampton-Edgars—now married to his employer—when she traveled to the station to receive a molecular isoblock on her spouse's behalf and was targeted by telepath assassins. Garibaldi briefly employed Lyta Alexander, but was forced to terminate her services at Edgars's orders, departing the station a short time later for Mars.

Arriving at the Edgars compound, Garibaldi proved his loyalty to his new employer by luring Sheridan into Clark's custody. He then learned of Edgars's plan to gain control of Earth's telepaths via a genetically engineered virus and relayed the information to Bester, who subsequently briefed Garibaldi on his time as a pawn before restoring him to full cognizance of his actions.

After discovering the body of Edgars and witnessing Wade's death, Garibaldi searched for the missing Lise, but found no sign of her. He made contact with the Mars Resistance, nearly facing execution until Alexander cleared him of his Bester-induced actions. With Franklin, he then mounted a rescue mission to extract Sheridan from Fort Walters and coordinated the Mars-based portion of the Liberation Fleet's attack on Clark's forces.

With the Earth Alliance Civil War concluded, Garibaldi traced Lise to the Mars Mafia and rescued her with the help of the Anla-shok. Promising to help her run Edgars Industries, he returned to Babylon 5, ostensibly for a few weeks, to help President Sheridan establish the new Interstellar Alliance.

From January 2262, Garibaldi served as Head of Covert Intelligence for the Interstellar Alliance, enlisting Byron Gordon's telepaths for intelligence gathering and later regretted his idea when the telepaths sought to blackmail the Alliance members for a telepath homeworld and briefly held him hostage during the resulting standoff. He was suspicious of Captain Elizabeth Lochley, eventually discovering that Sheridan appointed her based on their prior relationship, though he came to respect her when the Brakiri Day of the Dead mysteriously separated them from the rest of the station. During the holiday, he was reunited with Durman, once again refusing her sexual favors, but spending a night with the deceased marine.

The arrival of Bester on the station resulted in Garibaldi's brief incarceration after he tried to kill the Psi Cop and discovered an Asimov wired into his mind to prevent his revenge. This led to another return to alcoholism, a relapse that cost lives when Garibaldi was dispatched to Zhabar to extract Brannagan, a pilot with information about the attacks on Interstellar Alliance shipping lanes. As the Centauri War escalated, Garibaldi's alcoholism was discovered by Babylon 5's command staff, effectively ending his intelligence career.

With the help of Lochley and Lise, Garibaldi sobered up, accepting his wife's offer to run Edgars Industries. In exchange for removing Bester's telepathic blocks, Garibaldi agreed with Alexander to finance her war against the Psi Corps. Prior to departing the station, Garibaldi eluded assassination thanks to Chief Allan's security force and married Lise after she was nearly killed by a shot intended for G'Kar. The two returned to Mars where Garibaldi—with information from his IA successor, Theresa Halloran—blackmailed the Board of Directors (who'd hired the assassin) to resign, installing mid-level company troublemakers in their place.

Throughout early 2263, Garibaldi investigated leftover Edgars Industries black projects. He met with Dr. Robert Bryson on Babylon 5, precipitating the arrival of a Soul Hunter on the station. Garibaldi aided Lochley and Allan in resolving the situation before returning to Mars with plans for a follow-up trip to the station in the future.

Circa 2265, Garibaldi reunited with Alexander after discovering intelligence in the Icehouse on Ganymede and the two traveled to Vorlon space, visiting the Nephilim world and encountering Kevin Vacit, though he used his powers to convince them of his death. Prior to her death, Alexander removed Bester's blocks, freeing Garibaldi to take revenge on the Psi Cop. After Bester's escape from justice, Edgars-Garibaldi Industries posted a one million credit reward for information leading to his capture and established a special security force for that purpose.

Circa 2266, the Garibaldis welcomed a daughter, Mary, to their family. Later in the year, Garibaldi oversaw the construction of the Excalibur and Victory, under the auspices of Simon Drake. During the shakedown cruise in December of that year, Garibaldi became concerned with President Sheridan's erratic behavior, only believing that the politician wasn't insane when Drake sold him out to the Drakh. Garibaldi aided Sheridan in preparing Earth for the Drakh.

In 2267, Garibaldi's forces nearly caught up with Bester at Tarriff's Colony, but 2271 finally brought a substantial lead when he hired Derrick Thompson, an Earthforce officer compromised by Bester on Maui Colony. With Thompson's help Garibaldi discovered Bester's need for choline ribosylase and acquired the monopoly on the pharmaceutical.

Eventually tracing Bester to Paris, Garibaldi was arrested by the Earth Alliance Bureau of Investigation's Lieutenant Sheehan, but revealed her link to the fugitive war criminal and pursued Bester to Guillory house, finally capturing him after a lengthy chase, sustaining broken ribs, a shattered scapula and ruptured spleen in the process.

While hosting Franklin in 2281, Garibaldi received an invitation to Sheridan's last supper and the two men traveled to Minbar for one last night with their friend. Garibaldi subsequently attended the decommissioning of Babylon 5 and Bester's funeral, taking a shot glass as souvenir of the former and leaving a wooden stake in the grave of the latter.

In an alternate future experienced by Sinclair in a time flash during the evacuation of Babylon 4 in 2258, Garibaldi rigged Babylon 5's fusion reactors to explode and made a final stand to hold off advancing attackers, allowing Sinclair to escape the station under siege.

Garibaldi died quietly.

Garibaldi's Earthforce serial number was V17L98. [000, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, 108, 109, 110, 111, 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118, 119, 120, 121, 122, 201, 202, 203, 204, 205, 206, 207, 208, 209, 210, 211, 212, 213, 214, 215, 216, 217, 218, 219, 220, 221, 222, 301, 302, 303, 304, 305, 306, 307, 308, 309, 310, 311, 312, 313, 314, 315, 316, 317, 318, 319, 320, 321, 322, 402, 403, 404, 405, 407, 408, 410, 412, 414, 415, 416, 417, 419, 420, 421, 422, 501, 502, 503, 504, 505, 506, 507, 509, 510, 511, 512, 513, 515, 516, 517, 518, 519, 520, 521, 522, MOW3, MOW4, C111, LT2, N3, PC3, DC5, DC6, DC7, DC8, DC9, DC10, IVN1, IVN2, IVN3, LDCP]

Garibaldi's Fashion Express

A name used by Security Chief Michael Garibaldi to answer his link while annoyed with Sergeant Zack Allan's obsession over the fit, feel and appearance of his uniform. [304]

Garibaldi's Kawasaki Ninja ZX-11

Garibaldi's Kawasaki Ninja ZX-11

A gasoline-powered motorcycle manufactured on Earth in the 1990s. By the 23rd century, gasoline-powered motorcycles were considered antiques, having been last manufactured on Earth in 2035.

After Michael Garibaldi won a manual for the Ninja in a blackjack game, he slowly gathered the components that would be required to build the bike between 2253 and 2258. In 2258, Garibaldi allowed Lennier to assist in its construction, little realizing that the Minbari would complete the vehicle and refurbish it with a Minbari power source to make it ridable and avoid the pollution caused by burning fossil fuels. [122]

Garibaldi's life pod

Garibaldi's life pod

A life pod containing an unconscious Security Chief Michael Garibaldi, wrapped in plastic, ejected from a transport pursued by Bravo Convoy prior to its explosion. [403]


A class of helicopter used on Earth circa 2180. It was capable of Antarctic flight. [PC1]

Gate 3

The location in Babylon 5's Blue Sector where passengers could board the ship en route to Davo in 2258. [104]

Gate 7

The location in Babylon 5's Blue Sector where passengers could board the Dyson in 2260. [307]

Gate 17

The location in Babylon 5's Blue Sector where passengers could board the Loki in 2260. [304]


A figure from Arthurian legend. After reconciling David McIntyre with the Minbari by way of Ambassador Delenn, Anla-shok Marcus Cole opined that the Army of Light was an analog for Camelot, equating Gawain with Commander Susan Ivanova. [312]


A commissioned rank in Earthforce superior to lieutenant general. The rank insignia was a single, gold polygon and two gold bars with two stars upon each, worn at the outer edge of the uniform epaulet. [201, 211, 309, 310, 422]

General Order 47

An order that stated that Earth Alliance personnel were required to answer distress calls and assist any vessel not currently involved in hostilities against Earth. [222]

genetic record files

A log containing the mapped DNA sequence of every member of Earthforce, for identification purposes. In 2260, Dr. Stephen Franklin used the files and a DNA sample to identify David McIntyre, a visitor to the station without ID who was a veteran of the Earth-Minbari War and who believed he was King Arthur. [312]


A Swiss city on Earth's European continent that served as the capital for the Earth Alliance. The city was also home to Teeptown, Earth's first telepath community, as well as the bureaucracy established to regulate human telepaths.

In 2133, Earthdome was constructed to house the government and the administrative elements of Earthforce, the Alliance's military service.

By the mid-23rd century, both Interstellar Expeditions and the Interstellar Network News were based in Geneva, and a Winter Solstice Festival was held annually each December. [215, 222, 301, 310, 314, 408, D7, PC1, PC2, PC3]

Geneva City Hospital

A medical institution located in the capital city of the Earth Alliance. It was across the street from the Interplanetary Expeditions facility where Dr. Anna Sheridan worked in 2256. [D7]

Genius Loci

Genius Loci

The name Galen ascribed to a techno-mage-created artificial intelligence that directed the nanovirus that wiped out the population of Belan's world circa 2167.

After the demise of the planet's inhabitants, the nanovirus was re-tasked to enhance its central computer, eventually constructing a large underground mainframe. Genius Loci remained dormant for 100 years until the crew of the Excalibur made planetfall on Belan's world in 2267. After the crew suffered the effects of the reactivated nanovirus, Galen conferred with the artificial intelligence—which presented itself as a hologram of its long-dead creator—learned its origins and destroyed it, rendering the nanovirus inert. [C102]

geological consultant

A Human who worked as a geological consultant. In late 2259, she was climbing a mountain on Mars and was caught in a landslide, suffering a broken leg. In 2260, she was the victim of a Dust addict's mental probe aboard Babylon 5 and was treated by Dr. Stephen Franklin. [306]


The designation ascribed, by the Weekly World News, to a twenty-one-year-old Manchester student who celebrated her birthday by losing her virginity to a man, whom she alleged to be a telepath responsible for transmitting the experience to five fellow telepaths in an adjoining room. The story was reported in the 15 June 2117 edition. [PC1]


An impoverished district of the Centauri capital city. It was a dangerous place but even the poorest Centauri could survive there if they were willing to go to any lengths necessary.

Senna Refa hid in Ghehana after an argument with Emperor Mollari II, and his journey into the district to recover her resulted in an impromptu parade, much to the dismay of his security detail. In 2272, Prime Minister Durla cleared Ghehana of undesirables. [LF1]


A nickname ascribed to a Shadow vessel seen in Sector 14 by an Alpha Wing pilot named Mitch Harvey. [222]


A nickname acquired by Lou Welch in the 2270s. [LF2]

Ghost Riders

The nickname for Babylon 5's Delta Wing. [JMS]

Gideon, Matthew

Gideon, Matthew

A Human born on Earth in 2226. Matthew Gideon entered Earthforce, receiving his first shipboard assignment on the EAS Cerberus. In early 2259, the ship was attacked by an Earthforce Shadow hybrid and Ensign Gideon was detailed to oversee repairs. While surveying the damage from space, Gideon was stranded when the Cerberus attempted to jump for safety but was destroyed in the process.

After two hours and fifteen minutes adrift, Gideon's distress call was answered by Galen who deposited him on Orion 7 before departing for the techno-mage hiding place. In Earthdome, Gideon was interrogated about the Cerberus's destruction, but his narrative was discounted and the incident was ruled a jump engine malfunction.

Lieutenant Gideon served aboard the EAS Hyperion in November 2260. A canny card player, he won an Apocalypse Box from a man named Jensen around this time and it gave him an edge. In a game of Sharks, he also won high-level Earthforce security codes from a fellow officer.

As a starship commander, Gideon was known for having taken part in more peacetime battles than most commanding officers experienced during a war, including a skirmish with a Drazi captain who bluffed when he should not have. By 2267, Captain Gideon was commanding an Explorer-class vessel and had more first-contact experience than any commanding officer in Earthforce.

Gideon and his executive officer, Lieutenant John Matheson, put down a mutiny led by Ensign James while en route to the Drakh plague-infected Earth in early 2267. He was personally chosen by Interstellar Alliance President John Sheridan to take command of the Excalibur and lead the mission to find a cure. Demanding that Matheson serve as XO and requesting Dureena Nafeel despite the public relations implications, Gideon set off for Ceti 4 where he engaged the Drakh, capturing an officer and locating one of the ships responsible for infecting Earth. At the operation's conclusion, he arranged with Interplanetary Expeditions to recruit Dr. Maximilian Eilerson and Trace Miller to his team.

At some point, Gideon traveled to Babylon 5 and negotiated unrestricted passage through Brakiri, Drazi, Gaim and pak'ma'ra space, agreeing to spend 2271 shooting down ships trying to escape Earth if he'd not yet found a cure.

On Mars, Gideon liaised with Captain Elizabeth Lochley to secure a conference on the plague, later publicly announcing Earth's imminent demise to draw out Sacred Omega cultist Andre Sabat, who'd planned to bomb the event. Answering a call from the EAS Medusa, Gideon aided Alwyn in ending Earthforce's detrimental strip mining of Regula 4 before traveling to an unidentified planet where he discovered a being that subsisted on forgiveness. After being forgiven for his survival in the Cerberus incident and the acquisition of the Box, he returned the creature to where he'd found it.

Gideon faced the possibility of failure when the Excalibur was infected by an energy-based life form that possessed 200 crew members. He eventually succeeded in driving the being from the ship, regaining control. The Apocalypse Box then led him to Kulan's world, where he destroyed the inhabitants' laboratory, agreeing to cure them of the nanovirus so that they could stand trial for their atrocities.

Despite Galen's warning, he followed the Box's direction to Belan's world, where he was infected with the techno-mage nanovirus, but nevertheless found the components for Dr. Sarah Chambers to create a nanovirus shield. Acting on intelligence from the Anla-shok, Gideon landed illegally on Praxis 9, extracting Natchok Var and attempting to prevent his arrest by the Moradi. At Var's insistence, Gideon turned the fugitive over to his people, realizing—with Chambers's help—the value of the Moradi art he'd saved from destruction.

Rescuing Durkani and Lyssa in the Eridani Sector, Gideon unraveled a conspiracy to implicate Earth in the mishaps on their world and subsequently distributed the Interstellar Encyclopedia to the interplanetary culture, vindicating his species and discovering the joys of lounging in the bullet car tunnels in the process.

At the behest of Senator Jacob Redway, Gideon returned to Earth space, rescuing Lochley en route and hosted Dr. Stephen Franklin for the purposeful infection of volunteer David Williams with the plague. During the operation, Gideon fought off a Drakh attack before returning Franklin and Williams to Earth.

Alerted by the Apocalypse Box, Gideon obsessively pursued an Earthforce Shadow hybrid, losing it to a self-destruct mechanism, but capturing a signal that would allow him to track others of its kind. On Babylon 5, Gideon negotiated with Ambassador Lethke Zum Bartrado for access to Lorka 7, but was denied. With Lochley's help, he sought out Polix and Ris, inadvertently finding himself and Lochley targeted for assassination. After seeing the two Lorkans arrested, Gideon engaged in a brief affair with Lochley before departing the station.

En route to a promising destination, General Thompson diverted the Excalibur to Theta 49 where Gideon became the first person to test the nanovirus shield while investigating a claim that Robert Black and his colonists were infected before fleeing Earth during the Drakh attack. Discovering that Thompson was complicit in their post-exodus infection, Gideon arranged for the colonists to be logged as diseased and covered up the presence of Zander Prime natives on the planet.

While searching for the Well of Forever at Galen's behest, Gideon attempted to access the systems aboard the mage's flyer only to find his ship under Galen's command for a mutinous trip into hyperspace. After regaining command, Gideon arranged to blackmail Mr. Jones from the Bureau of Telepath Integration with Nafeel's help, securing Matheson's position on the ship.

On Tarriff's Colony, Gideon played the governor at cards to win access to a vault with a telepathic lock. After Alfred Bester threatened to implicate Matheson in his war crimes, Gideon agreed to ferry the fugitive from the colony in exchange for access to the vault's contents. At the end of the year, Gideon once again traced the signal of an Earthforce Shadow hybrid, discovering a secret facility engaged in exploiting Shadow technology as well as the origins of the tech used by Galen. Gideon traveled to Mars to present his findings but was gunned down.

For a time, his essence resided within the Apocalypse Box. [C101, C102, C103, C104, C105, C106, C107, C108, C109, C110, C111, C112, C113, C114, C115, C116, TM2]

Gideon's personal logs

The personal logs of Captain Matthew Gideon, stored on six datacrystals and hidden in his quarters aboard the Excalibur. In early 2267, facing Galen's warnings that no one would return alive from a mission to Belan's world, Gideon entrusted copies of the logs to his executive officer, Lieutenant John Matheson. Later in the year, prior to infiltrating an Earthforce base utilizing Shadow technology, Gideon asked Dureena Nafeel to find and steal the datacrystals hidden in his quarters and to supply them to Matheson should he be killed. [C102, C116]

Gift of Gratitude, A

A book reviewed by Claude Kaufman (aka Alfred Bester) in La Parisien. He considered it an example of über-banality. [PC3]

gilga peas

A Centauri seed-pod used in the preparation of jurbeen. [DB5]


A popular name for Humans in the early 23rd century. [PC2]

gill implants

gill implants

A surgical modification made to oxygen-breathing beings to allow them to respire in non-oxygen atmospheres. They were painful to use, but alleviated the need to wear a breather in such environments. Gill implants also contributed to a richer oxygenation of blood when used in a standard atmosphere. [000, 305]

Girard, Paulette

A Human woman who married Raphael Girard circa 2241, with whom she had multiple children. Circa 2271, she learned that Raphael had impregnated his mistress, Marie. [PC3]

Girard, Raphael

A Human police inspector in 2271 Paris. He was married to Paulette circa 2241, and they had multiple children together. Girard began his police career circa 2251. Though he'd been tested and found negative for telepathy, he had a way of knowing things.

Sometime prior to mid-2271, he interviewed a woman named Marie during an investigation, and the two began an affair. In 2271, his wife learned of the affair when Marie became pregnant, and Girard worked the murder of Justin Ackerman under a cloud of domestic tension.

When the Ackerman murder investigation dovetailed with Michael Garibaldi's pursuit of Alfred Bester, the two joined forces. They were briefly sidelined by Lt. Sheehan of the EABI, Bester's double agent, but eventually tracked the fugitive to Pigalle and then to the home of Marie and Paul Guillory, where Bester sprang a trap, forcing Girard to report a false lead.

Years after Bester's capture, Girard related the story of Bester's flight to Louise Bouet, a woman who'd been Bester's but had her memories erased in the fugitive's flight. In 2281, Girard was one of thirty attendees at Bester's funeral, where he witnessed Garibaldi placing a stake into the grave afterward. [PC3]

Girard's father

A Human professor of 20th century literature, who oversaw the 2260s reprinting of the Asterix comics written by René Goscinny and illustrated by Albert Uderzo. He fathered Raphael Girard. [PC3]


The Universal Terraform Corporation code name for the planet designated UTC51-03B. [D9]


A Human telepath assigned to one of the league vessels as a defense against Shadow vessels prior to the Battle of Sector 83 in 2260. [320]


A meal eaten by members of the Third Fane of Chudomo only on Valen's Day. It was prepared with glomo fruit, summer tyr, gual'fha, beeba oil, yla leaf cakes and yla. [DB5]

glomo fruit

A Minbari squash, akin to an Earth courgette. Glomo fruit was an ingredient of Glivinn, the Valen's Day meal of the Third Fane of Chudomo. [DB5]


A very rare and perfectly safe creature from the imaginary planet Placebo, invented by Dr. Stephen Franklin when he placed a gloppit egg in the care of Shon, an Onteen child being treated in Babylon 5's medlab. [105]

gloppit egg

gloppit egg

A piece of industrial goo that Dr. Stephen Franklin gave to Shon in an effort to keep the boy's spirits up while his medical future was decided. The "egg," which Franklin claimed came from the planet Placebo, glowed when stroked and remained in the doctor's office after Shon's death. [105]

Glory Shop

A retail establishment aboard Babylon 5 in the station's Zócalo. The Glory Shop filed complaints with station security about shoplifting incidents in early 2259. [204]


The Psi Corps term for telepathically transmitting images into the minds of others. [PC2]

Go to the Sea

A Minbari euphemism for death.

Also a Minbari custom practiced at advanced age. When Draal planned to "go to the Sea" in 2258, he told Delenn that he heard the call of the stars, and that he must answer the call by traveling amidst the sea of stars to find a place where he could be of service, finding meaning and purpose, before the end of his life. [120]


The mouth of the river. [515]


A form of Minbari fauna akin to an Earth cat. [207]


A Human Hindu who participated in Commander Jeffrey Sinclair's demonstration of Earth's religious beliefs aboard Babylon 5 in 2258. [108]

Gold Channel

Gold Channel

Priority access communications frequencies used within the Earth Alliance.

On Babylon 5 in 2258, Gold Channels were available only at the express permission of the commanding officer and only senior officers and ambassadors were aware of their existence.

In 2258, Lieutenant Commander Susan Ivanova made unauthorized use of a Gold Channel to communicate with her dying father on Earth. When Chief Warrant Officer Michael Garibaldi questioned Ivanova while trying to trace the unauthorized use, Ivanova suggested computer error, magnetic pulse, an ambassador trying to save credits or gremlins as reasons for the communications anomaly.

On 31 December 2258, Garibaldi discovered a shipment of Edgar Devereaux's jamming devices left behind on the station when a transport experienced engine difficulty. The devices were set to a frequency of 1010105—the Gold Channel frequency for Earthforce One—and Garibaldi hypothesized that they were intended to jam Earthforce One's communications for an assassination attempt on President Luis Santiago. He was proven correct when Babylon 5 was unable to warn the presidential vessel.

In January 2259, General William Hague contacted both Captain John Sheridan on the EAS Agamemnon and Lieutenant Commander Susan Ivanova on Babylon 5, to inform each of the former's appointment as commanding officer of the station. President Clark later made a follow up call to Sheridan after the arrest of Jack for Garibaldi's shooting.

In 2260, the Gold Channels were the only frequencies not blacked out after Clark's declaration of martial law, and were restricted to military use. General Smits relayed Night Watch-related orders to Sheridan within this stricture.

In early 2261, the Gold Channels were flooded with Clark's attempts to explain Babylon 5's rescue of Earthforce Starfuries when the latter were attacked by Black Omega forces. [104, 112, 201, 202, 206, 309, 407]

gold dragon

gold dragon

A favorite conjuration of the techno-mage Alwyn. Though the holographic creature breathed "fire," it caused no damage and had no physical form. In 2267, Alwyn used it in an attempt to drive an Earthforce mining operation from his home on Regula 4. [C107]


A Human rabbi based aboard Babylon 5. [119, GB5]


A Narn fungus used in the preparation of spoo. [DB5]


A Centauri deity for whom a temple was constructed on Immolan 5. [GB5]


A Human doctor based on Earth who aggregated the answers to questions posed to Babylon 5 by the berserker probe that visited the station in January 2260. Dr. Stephen Franklin threatened to have her thrown out of the EMA if she could not track down Dr. Franz Mueller for the answers to two theoretical questions on molecular biology. [303]

Good eating to you.

A Narn expression, used as a farewell. [000]

good luck speech

good luck speech

An oration traditionally delivered by John Sheridan within 24 hours of assuming a new command.

When Captain Sheridan was appointed military governor of Babylon 5 in January 2259, a variety of delays led to him giving the speech to an empty Observation Dome in standby mode. [201]

Good Science in Government

Senator Lee Crawford's campaign slogan when he ran for office circa 2110. [PC1]


A sixteenth century contraction of the English phrase "god be with ye" commonly used as a farewell. There was no corresponding word for "goodbye" in the various Minbari dialects; all their partings contained within them the possibility of meeting again, in other times, other places, other lives. [522]


In the jargon of the Politdivision Central of the anti-Interstellar Alliance faction of the 28th century Earth Alliance, a term used to indicate false historical records used for propaganda purposes. [501]

Gorash 7

Gorash 7

A Centauri-controlled planet that served as the Republic's primary supply depot during the Narn-Centauri War. In late 2259, Warleader G'Sten led an all-out Narn strike against the planet, but a Shadow fleet operating at the behest of Ambassador Londo Mollari wiped out the Narn forces. [219]

Gorash System

Gorash System

A sector of space containing Gorash 7, the supply world for the Centauri's forces during the Narn-Centauri War in 2259. When a Narn armada led by Warleader G'Sten entered the system to attack the world, they were ambushed and destroyed by Shadow forces. [219]



The Human star of a Psi Corps informational video. In the infomercial, he claimed that he'd been a blip six months before the video's production, hungry, tired and scared. He added that he could barely walk when the Corps found him and brought him home. [514]

Gordon, Byron

Gordon, Byron

A Mars-born Human telepath rated P12. By the mid-2250s, Byron Gordon was a member of the Psi Corps's Black Omega squadron and Alfred Bester's most promising protégé. It was rumored that he was his mentor's illegitimate son. Gordon read Ayn Rand and watched Rashomon at Bester's behest, and accompanied his superior and Yasidra Tapia on the rogue hunt to Io that provided cover for the assassination of Director Johnston at the Icehouse on Ganymede.

On Bester's orders, Gordon fired on and destroyed the transport captained by Freya Grettirsdottir, that had been caught smuggling ten rogues through Earth space. Unable to embrace Bester's ideology and finding no one in the Corps with whom he could file a complaint, Gordon faked his death in a Starfury crash near Venus, and went rogue in early 2258.

From 2258 to 2261, Gordon amassed a number of followers, preaching non-violence and acceptance. In January 2262, he led his disciples to Babylon 5 and asked permission of Interstellar Alliance President John Sheridan and Captain Elizabeth Lochley to establish a colony. After Simon, one of his followers, averted an assassination attempt on Sheridan, the request was granted and Gordon's telepaths established residence in Brown 3.

As more telepaths flocked to Gordon's colony, the Psi Corps took notice, dispatching Bester to arrest his former subordinate. With assistance from Lochley and Dr. Stephen Franklin, the arrests were deferred, but Gordon's burgeoning romantic relationship with Lyta Alexander revealed the telepaths' origins as Vorlon-engineered weapons. Gordon ordered his followers to gather the secrets of the representatives of the Interstellar Alliance worlds in an effort to blackmail the government into establishing a telepath homeworld.

The plan led to violence and Gordon was unable to control a violent splinter group led by Thomas, which took hostages and committed acts of violence. After escalation resulting in the arrival of bloodhound units under Bester's command, Gordon negotiated the release of his non-violent disciples and agreed to surrender the violent offenders and himself to station authorities. When Bester intruded upon the surrender, Gordon and his followers self-immolated, sparking the "Remember Byron" slogan that would be left in the wake of Alexander's terrorist attacks on the Corps until its dissolution after the Telepath Crisis. [502, 504, 505, 507, 508, 509, 510, 512, PC2]

Gotham City

A city on Mars. It could be reached via the Gagarin City station. [400, 410]

Government Information

An Earth Alliance information service. A Psi Corps commercial in 2259 instructed viewers to call the service for information about the nearest Psi Corps Center. [214]


A techno-mage apprenticed to Blaylock who studied healing. After the convocation of 2258, Gowen traveled to the rendezvous point on Selic 4 and then to Babylon 5, departing aboard the Crystal Cabin. With the death of Ing-Radi, Gowen became the principal healer of the mages in the hiding place and treated both Elric and Circe after the latter's betrayal. When Gowen learned of the tech's origins from Galen's interrogation of Circe, he returned to his quarters and flayed himself.

At the 2258 convocation, Gowen stated his reason for being a techno-mage as, "To be a keeper of the great blessing of the Taratimude. To revere their name and protect their benefaction." [TM1, TM2, TM3]



A Human doctor who was treating Andrei Ivanov in St. Petersburg at the time of the latter's death in 2258. [104]


A nickname for the statue of William Karges in Alpha Quad at the Psi Corps headquarters in Geneva. [PC2]


A Human Earthforce crewperson assigned to the Excalibur. In 2267, she was possessed by the energy-based life form that invaded the ship. [C113]

Grand Fleet Admiral

The senior-most officer of the Centauri military fleet, an advisor to the emperor whose position was unimpeachable and of the highest honor. The rank was inherited by the head of House Dromo. [GB5]


The leader of a Vree guild. Grandmasters sat as part of the High or Low Councils of the Ventuki Conglomerate. [GB5]


A flavored and deep-fried molded-protein comestible sold in the Zócalo circa 2266. [N3]

Gravimetric Drive

The principle method of propulsion for Minbari starships. [GB5]

Gravitetic Propulsion

A technology used to propel the Excalibur through space. Its side effects included the creation of artificial gravity without the need for rotating sections of the ship, as well as inertia dampeners capable of decelerating an out-of-control vessel to a halt within a docking bay. [MOW4]

gravity ring

gravity ring

A Minbari device capable of projecting gravity fields. It could be used offensively to crush a target. [000]

Gray, Harriman

Gray, Harriman

A Human telepath who grew up dreaming of being an Earthforce combat pilot, building models and collecting squadron patches. He was accepted to Air Dome at 16 years of age, but during his first month of training, his latent telepathy manifested and he was expelled.

In the Psi Corps, he became a military specialist, liaising with Earthforce. In 2258, Alfred Bester assigned Gray to Colonel Ari Ben Zayn's internal affairs investigation of Babylon 5's command staff. Gray was to provide telepathic veracity scans during the interviews. When Ben Zayn's psychological instability and his vengeful motivations for the investigation became clear, Gray used his telepathy to aid Commander Jeffrey Sinclair in incapacitating the colonel. [122]

Great Breen Eat-off Sweepstakes

A mock contest concocted by the techno-mages Galen and Isabelle to test their breen recipe on Ko'Dan, a local Narn, in December 2258 prior to using the breen in an act of subterfuge. [TM1]

Great Burn

A nuclear war instigated on 2 January 2762 by a holographic simulation of Michael Garibaldi, which transmitted plans of an imminent pre-emptive strike by an anti-Interstellar Alliance faction of EarthGov to their enemy. The pro-ISA faction of EarthGov then attacked the anti-ISA faction, the resulting war reducing the Earth-based members of the Human race to a technologically primitive state that would persist for at least the next 500 years. [501]

Great Cause

A Minbari name for the Earth-Minbari War. [N1]

Great Conquest March

The Gaim invasion of four worlds during their Age of Rationality. [LF1]

Great Egg

The focus of worship for the Children of Time, who considered themselves Chosen and born of the Egg. [105]

Great Expedition

A walking tour of the slums of Centauri Prime organized by Emperor Kran in an effort to reacquaint the Republic's nobility with the impoverished citizens of the inner cities. Kran was assassinated by Tuk Maroth at the climax of the tour, and the poor were vilified for the emperor's murder. [LF1]

Great Hall

The inner chamber of the Grey Council aboard the Grey Council cruiser, a meeting space equipped with immersive holographic projectors. [118]

Great Hall of the Caste Elders

The formal meeting place of the Council of Caste Elders in Yedor on Minbar. When a convocation of the Chosen One, the Grey Council and the Council of Caste Elders was called, it convened in this locale. [D9]

Great Journey

An element in the Onteen religion of the Children of Time. [105]

Great Machine of Epsilon 3

Great Machine of Epsilon 3

A vast computer construct built five miles beneath the surface of Epsilon 3 by Varn's species sometime prior to 1758. The Great Machine was hidden to keep it from falling into the hands of an outcast branch of the originating species. The Machine was powered by a network of advanced fusion reactors, some five to ten miles across, and protected by an elaborate defense system utilizing surface-to-air missiles and anti-personnel traps within the complex itself.

The Great Machine was capable of creating a Human-friendly atmosphere within the control complex and was equipped with a landing bay for small craft and a holographic projector capable of transmitting images at least as far as Babylon 5's orbit. It functioned as an interstellar library, intercepting and recording transmissions and events from as far away as Earth throughout the 500 years prior to Babylon 5's construction.

The Great Machine required a biological guardian or custodian to interface with its systems. The custodian's life was extended and they were afforded the ability to "see all the tomorrows, hear all the songs, and touch the edge of the universe with his or her thoughts." Some custodians forgot about their corporeal bodies and lived principally as holographic projections.

When Varn's species died out circa 1758, he was left as the guardian and custodian of the Great Machine. Sometime between 2148 and 2257, a being named Zathras became the caretaker of the Machine, administering necessary maintenance with the assistance of his nine younger brothers and another of his species called Spragg.

In late 2258, Varn's health began to fail, resulting in seismic instability within the planet. The Machine's automatic defenses fired on several Babylon 5 surveys attempting to diagnose the planet's condition before Varn made holographic contact with Commander Jeffrey Sinclair. Sinclair retrieved Varn from the Machine and conveyed him to Babylon 5 for medical attention, unintentionally accelerating the mechanism's instability. The subsequent arrival and aggressive posturing of the EAS Hyperion pushed the unsupervised Great Machine to the brink of self-destruction before Draal assumed control under the guidance of Varn. With the defensive systems of the Great Machine again fully operational, a further attack by Takarn's ship, an outcast of Varn's species, was fatally repulsed by the Machine, and Draal entrusted the Machine's safekeeping to the Babylon 5 Advisory Council, who were to ensure that Epsilon 3 was left alone until the time was right.

Over the following year, the Great Machine rejuvenated Draal, returning him to his physical condition of thirty years earlier. In late 2259, Draal offered the Machine in service to Captain John Sheridan and his Army of Light. Early in 2260, Commander Susan Ivanova briefly occupied the Machine (under Draal's supervision) to search out First Ones for the imminent Shadow War. In the process, she intercepted a transmission from President Clark to Morden regarding the former's complicity in President Luis Santiago's assassination.

In April 2260, Sheridan accessed the Machine's holographic projector to formally announce Babylon 5's secession from the Earth Alliance. Later that year, Draal focused the Machine on the temporal rift in Sector 14, allowing the White Star to travel back to 2254 where Entil-zha Jeffrey Sinclair hijacked Babylon 4, piloting it first to 2258 and then back to the 13th century. After the White Star's return to 2260, the Machine sealed the rift.

In 2261, the Great Machine complex provided refuge for displaced victims of the Shadow War. Later in the year, Commander Susan Ivanova visited the Great Machine and arranged with Zathras for the Machine to power the Voice of the Resistance. [120, 121, 219, 304, 316, 317, 412]

Great Maker (deity)

A supreme deity worshipped in several monotheistic non-Human religions as well as by the Centauri, who included the Maker amongst their expansive pantheon of gods. [101, 209, 401, 408, 503, 519, MOW2]

Great Maker (exclamation)

An exclamation used by the Centauri. [103, 104, 116, 203, 216, 219, 309, 401, 403, 405, 406, 504, 507, 510, 513, 515, 517]

Great Song

An element in the Onteen religion of the Children of Time. [105]

Great Trade War

A Vree civil war that erupted after the Artists Guild forced one of its members to divorce her Tacticians Guild husband after relations between the guilds broke down. [GB5]

Great War

An epithet applied to the ancient Shadow War as well as the Shadow Wars waged in the 13th and 23rd centuries. [118, 202, 211, 219, 317, MOW1, D9, N1, N3, TM2]

Greater Krindar

A world that accepted refugees from Ventari 3 after the Vorlons destroyed that planet in 2261. [404]

Greegil, D'Farkin

A Narn who was granted permission by the Council of Clans to assassinate Ambassador G'Kar in 2259 when the latter refused to mate with the former's wife, bonding their clans via the birth of a joint scion.

Greegil traveled to Babylon 5 to carry out the deed, but G'Kar set his ship to depart the station on autopilot, leading Greegil and Captain John Sheridan on a wild goose chase while G'Kar remained on the station in hiding. When Greegil returned to Babylon 5, his assassination was ruled unlawful by Sheridan and he was incarcerated for the violation of several laws. [DC9, DC10]

green cells

A component of pak'ma'ra biology that produced the chemicals to convey electrical impulses at the synaptic gap. Green cells were susceptible to Drafa. [218]

green (Drazi political faction)

green (Drazi political faction)

The signifying color for one of two seemingly arbitrary Drazi political factions created during the dominance ritual every five Drazi cycles. Drazi wearing green sashes attacked and incapacitated Drazi wearing purple sashes and the victorious party assumed control of the government.

During the 2259 dominance ritual, there were almost 12,000 green Drazi on Babylon 5. When Commander Susan Ivanova removed the green leader's sash from his person, she inadvertently became the faction's leader and, with her new authority, ordered all her subordinates to dye their sashes purple, ending the ritual aboard Babylon 5. [203]

green Drazi leader

A Drazi who was the leader of the green faction aboard Babylon 5 in 2259. He met with Commander Susan Ivanova to discuss the Drazi political process, a meeting which devolved into a riot, breaking Ivanova's foot. Later, Ivanova removed his sash from his person, inadvertently succeeding him as green leader. [203]

green Drazi member

A Drazi who was a member of the green faction aboard Babylon 5 in 2259. He held Commander Susan Ivanova captive in an attempt to lure the purple faction to Brown 29, where the air would be evacuated into space. [203]

green leader

The title for the Drazi who led the green political faction in a given locale during the dominance ritual conducted every five Drazi cycles. The title was arbitrarily awarded to whichever Drazi pulled a green sash with a star upon it from a barrel. The title could be usurped by any being who took the starred sash from the leader and donned it. [203]

Green Sector

Green Sector

The area of Babylon 5 reserved for diplomatic staff and entry was restricted to authorized personnel.

Green 2 - Officer Jackson reported that Officer Henson was found stunned after a Soul Hunter kidnapped Delenn from her quarters in 2258. M'ola and Tharg rented quarters there in 2258. Shaal Mayan was attacked in the area later that year. The section experienced environmental brownouts during the festival of alien religious observances and was searched for Branmer's body in 2258. It was evacuated prior to Robert Carlson's bomb exploding in 2260. Ambassadors Delenn (#2), Janice Drake (#27), Lethke Zum Bartrado and Kalika Qwal'mizra (#42) resided in Green 2.

Green 3 - Vir Cotto and Lyndisty were attacked by Narn declaring Chon-Kar there in 2260. Ambassador Londo Mollari resided in Green 3 (#2).

Green 4 - Ambassador G'Kar resided there (#2).

Green 5 - Ambassador Juphar Trkider resided in Green 5 (#29). Room 26 on Level 12 was rented by Sheila Rosen in 2261.

Green 8 - Ambassadors Milashi Voktal (#40) and Suarez Cil'tlakh (#37) resided there.

Green 9 - Ambassdor Chai Zillah (#7) resided there.

Green 10 - Ambassadors Villa Retika and Miziri Tal (#10) as well as Sleng Horst (#15) resided there.

Green 14 - Ambassadors vlur/nhar (#7) and She'lah (#72) resided there.

Rioting due to the thirdspace gate occurred throughout the sector in 2261. [102, 105, 106, 107, 108, 201, 302, 312, MOW1, N2, GB5]

Green Squad

A subdivision of the 356th Infantry Division of the Earthforce Marines. [210]

Green Tiger

A retail establishment aboard Babylon 5 in the station's Zócalo. The Green Tiger filed complaints with station security about shoplifting incidents in early 2259. [204]

Greenberg, Mrs.

A Human, the mother of Stuart Greenberg. When her son was killed in action aboard the Excalibur, Captain Matthew Gideon wrote a condolence letter to her, informing her that he'd submitted her son for a commendation. [C113]

Greenberg, Stuart

Greenberg, Stuart

A Human Earthforce Marine who served aboard the Excalibur in 2267. During the invasion of the ship by an energy-based life form, Greenberg covered Dr. Maximilian Eilerson's escape from the infected section of the ship and was shot, rendering him brain-dead. After using Greenberg's body in a plot to rid the ship of the life form, Captain Matthew Gideon submitted his name to Earthforce for commendation. He was survived by his mother. [C113]



A Human Earthforce officer who served at the starboard station on the bridge of the Excalibur throughout 2267. [C101, C102, C103, C104, C105, C106, C107, C108, C109, C110, C111, C112, C113]

Greenfield Internment Camp

An Earth Psi Corps facility for the incarceration of telepaths. Bunny Oliver was incarcerated there for a time. [TM2]


A Human who served in Earthforce as a fighter pilot assigned to the Excalibur when the ship's forces engaged Kulan's hunter 'bots above Kulan's world in 2267. [C103]

Gregg, Bart

Gregg, Bart

A Human member of the Anla-shok who served as commanding officer of the Interstellar Alliance patrol vessel Enfalli when it engaged a half-dozen raider ships in 2265. Shok-na Gregg was rendered unconscious during the engagement and his shok-nali, David Martel, assumed command. [LotR]


The name assigned by Senator Lee Crawford to a nordic woman in the employ of the telepath Piotr when he attempted, in 2116, to arrange the assassination of the senator and Dr. Alice Kimbrell at Grissom Colony. She was shot and killed by Crawford after the plot failed. [PC1]

Grettirsdottir, Freya

The Human captain of an unarmed transport ship conveying ten rogue telepaths through Earth-controlled space. Alfred Bester's Black Omega Squadron surrounded her vessel, collected the blips, and—on Bester's orders—Byron Gordon destroyed the ship, killing Grettirsdottir and her crew. [PC2]

Grey 17 Cult

A group of Humans who co-opted Grey 17 aboard Babylon 5. In their self-imposed exile, the cult practiced a Minbari-influenced religion that theorized that sentient life was the universe attempting to understand itself. They believed that the universe, upon reaching a state of understanding, would re-create itself in a second big bang, this one intelligently directed.

Members aspired to purity of thought, form, intent and execution. They also believed that the only exit for the purified soul was the perfect death of the body via a Zarg smuggled aboard the station for that purpose. [319]

Grey Council

Grey Council

The ruling body of the Minbari Federation, established by Valen in the 13th century when he drew three members from each caste so that none would have undue influence. The Council resided aboard Valen's flagship during the Great War, heeding his advice and establishing a precedent whereby the Council would stay aboard a cruiser even in times of peace and appoint a Chosen One to moderate their meetings.

Membership in the Grey Council was granted by majority vote of the extant council members and was preceded by three months of meditation. The members stood at the edge of the light, backs toward the darkness, in a symbolic representation of their historic relationship to the Shadows. The silver triangle was the symbol of the Council and members were attuned to the presence of Shadows among them.

After 1,000 years, the balance of the Council was broken in 2259 when Neroon of the Warrior Caste replaced Delenn of the Religious Caste, justifying the imbalance with the Warrior Caste's sacrifice in defending Minbar for centuries and dying in the Earth-Minbari War, and anticipating the Warrior Caste's role in Delenn's belief of prophecy that a great war was coming. The Council was subsequently broken by Delenn in April 2260, when it refused to acknowledge the ongoing Shadow War.

Upon the conclusion of the Minbari Civil War in 2261, Delenn established a new Grey Council, calling two each from the Religious and Warrior Castes, as well as five members from the Worker Caste. She reserved the Chosen One's place in memory of Neroon, who'd died to imbue her with the authority to form a new government. [106, 116, 118, 211, 310, 414, MOW2, GB5]

Grey Council cruiser

A Sharlin-class war cruiser that served as the home and meeting place of the Grey Council.

By 2245, Dukhat, the Chosen One of the Minbari Federation, had established a private sanctum aboard the ship to house his secret Vorlon advisors, Kosh Naranek and Ulkesh Naranek. Equipment to maintain an alternative atmosphere was delivered to the ship as necessary, to meet the Vorlons' environmental requirements. En route to Z'ha'dum to determine if the Shadows had returned to that world per Valen's prophecy, the ship encountered an Earthforce expedition that misinterpreted the Warrior Caste tradition of approaching with gunports opened as a sign of respect as hostile maneuvers. The EAS Prometheus fired on the Minbari capital ship, killing Dukhat and two members of the Grey Council.

After the battle, the Grey Council relocated to another ship and Anla-shok Na Lenonn transferred Dukhat's belongings, and guests, to a re-creation of his sanctum aboard the new vessel. [MOW2, N1]

Grey Council member (anti-Delenn)

Grey Council member (anti-Delenn)

A Minbari Grey Council member who visited Delenn on Babylon 5 in 2258 and ordered her to kill Commander Jeffrey Sinclair if he remembered his interrogation at the Battle of the Line. Later that year, he spoke out against Delenn's assertion that the prophesies made by Valen were at hand. [106, 118]

Grey Council member (pro-Delenn)

Grey Council member (pro-Delenn)

A Minbari Grey Council member who presided over Delenn's appointment to succeed Dukhat as the Chosen One in 2258. When she declined the honor, he presented a triluminary to her in anticipation of her fulfillment of Valen's prophecy. [118]

Grey Sector

Grey Sector

The area of Babylon 5 housing the rotational mechanisms to provide gravity and the cooling system for the station's fusion reactor. Grey Sector also featured heavy manufacturing, environmental support, storage areas, the water recycling plant and additional waste reclamation facilities. Due to budgetary cutbacks, the sector was never finished; until Security Chief Michael Garibaldi's discovery in 2260 that Grey 17 had been co-opted by a religious cult—the transport tubes programmed to bypass the stop—it was assumed by those that visited the sector that only twenty-nine of the planned thirty levels were constructed.

Grey Sector featured a unique smell.

Grey 4 - The location of a control system and reactor monitor for the station's fusion reactor. In 2263, Garibaldi, Lochley, and Zack were able to find the site of Dr. Robert Bryson's communion with the Ralgan soul globe by determining that a control system for the reactor had been cracked in that area.

Grey 5 - Where Garibaldi and security cornered the Ikarran-possessed Nelson Drake in 2258.

Grey 7 - Where the Ikarran-possessed Nelson Drake was pursued by Babylon 5 security in 2258.

Grey 10 - Where Captain John Sheridan found a dead Markab and became possessed by the creature from Sector 14 in 2259.

Grey 13, Level B - Where the Ikarran-possessed Nelson Drake murdered an alien and human in 2258.

Grey 14A - The location of Bogg's base near the reactor cooling system in 2260.

Grey 16 - The site of a dead power relay and subsequent Zarg attack in 2260.

Grey 17 - A level entirely co-opted by Jeremiah's cult through 2260.

Grey 19 - The site of Hold 19, a heavy storage facility in which Sebastian interrogated Ambassador Delenn and Sheridan in 2259.

Grey 24 - The site of Captain John Sheridan's ambush for Ambassador Ulkesh Naranek. [101, 216, 221, 311, 319, MOW3, DVD1]

Grid 001 by 5 by 9

The location of the Io transfer point, the nearest jumpgate to Earth. [112]

Grid 230 by 9 by 40

The location within Sector 23 of the Kar'ti when it last communicated with Babylon Control in 2259. [218]

Grid 471 by 18

An area of raider-plagued space where the Asimov suffered a fire in her command and control center in 2258. [105]

Grid Epsilon

A region of space containing several star systems. The Epsilon Eridani system and Babylon 5 were located in Grid Epsilon. [106, 108, 116, 316, 410]


Commander Susan Ivanova's security code on Babylon 5. In 2260, Ivanova, Captain John Sheridan and Chief Warrant Officer Michael Garibaldi used their security codes to authorize computer access to Babylon 5's command codes, replacing the command-level passwords after the station's secession from the Earth Alliance. [311]

Grijs, Saskia

A Human born circa 2174 who became involved in sex trafficking. She operated in Amsterdam, selling the rogue telepath Fatima Cristoban to a client circa 2204. By the time Dr. Sandoval Bey traced the rogue to Grijs, the MetaPol had already secured her house of ill repute at the expense of fifteen lives. [PC2]


A slang term used by children of the Psi Corps to refer to the monitors. [PC2]

Grissom Colony

An Earth Alliance colony on the dark side of Earth's moon. The colony was established to mine water from the remains of comets. The colony's original dome depressurized and when the colony was rebuilt, it sprawled across the lunar surface rather than being enclosed under one dome. Senator Lee Crawford led the survivors of the depressurization to safety and was revered as "the hero of the Grissom Colony." [PC1]


The homeworld of the Grome. [GB5, AG]



A sentient species from the planet Gromahk that established their civilization in the 3rd century and changed very little over the succeeding 2,000 years.

Grome civilization consisted of two kinds of citizens: wealthy government employees and over-taxed non-governmental employees. Crime was rampant amongst the Grome, but given the draconian laws of the autocracy, the concept of "criminal" included citizens who doubted the divinity of the Margus alongside murderers. Uprisings were common in Grome society and were typically put down with great brutality and followed by public executions.

The Grome achieved interstellar travel circa 2192 and, by the mid-23rd century, remained the least technologically advanced civilization in the League of Non-Aligned Worlds and later the Interstellar Alliance. [GB5, AG]

Grome Autocracy

The hereditary monarchy that ruled the planet Gromahk. Its corruption was legendary, but its brutal treatment of uprisings ensured its relative stability. [GB5]

Grome victim

A Grome who was a lurker on Babylon 5. In 2259, he was devoured by a Soldier of Darkness in DownBelow. Despite no entry or exit wounds, Dr. Stephen Franklin's autopsy revealed that the Grome had no internal organs. [205]


An abbreviation of "ground pounder," which was a slang term for a member of the Earthforce Marines. The plural "gropos" was also used. [205, 210]


SEE: crotchety. [320]

ground pounder

A slang term for a member of the Earthforce Marines, commonly abbreviated as "gropo." [205, 210]

Ground Station Alpha

Ground Station Alpha

A bunker on the perimeter of Herschel Earthforce Base on Mars. On 1 November 2261, the base's non-commissioned officer evacuated its oxygen supply and surrendered it to Michael Garibaldi and Theresa Halloran in prelude to the final battle of the Earth Alliance Civil War. [420]

Ground Station Bravo

A bunker on the perimeter of Herschel Earthforce Base on Mars. On 1 November 2261, it was infiltrated and occupied by members of the Mars Resistance in prelude to the final battle of the Earth Alliance Civil War. [420]

Group Leader

A callsign used by Commander Susan Ivanova during the 2261 engagement with raiders that resulted in the discovery of the thirdspace gate. [MOW1, N2]



One of the few remaining indigenous forms of livestock left on Narn after the first Centauri occupation. Most were transplanted to a Centauri colony world, but enough to sustain the species were returned to Narn to serve as a delicacy for the ruling class. Narns typically ate the heads. [108, DB5]


Michael Garibaldi's code name during the final battle of the Earth Alliance Civil War. [420]



A flying reptile indigenous to Janos 7 that stalked its prey. Captain John Sheridan was once almost killed by a Grylor. [216]


A Minbari vegetable, akin to an Earth red pepper. Gual'fha was one of the ingredients of Glivinn, the Valen's Day meal of the Third Fane of Chudomo. [DB5]

Guardsman Elite

The senior-most officer of the Centauri guard, an advisor to the emperor whose position was unimpeachable and of the highest honor. The rank was inherited by the head of House Tavastani. [GB5]



A Human who served as a tech aboard Babylon 5 in 2257. He reported the early arrival of Ambassador Kosh Naranek's transport, detected the oxygen leak from the Minbari assassin's breaching pod and aided Lieutenant Commander Laurel Takashima in stabilizing the station after the assassin exploded. [000]

guest liaison

A Human who served as a liaison for guests aboard Babylon 5. She rented standard quarters in Blue 12 to Jason Ironheart in 2258 for 500 credits a week. [110]

guest quarters

guest quarters

Babylon 5 featured three tiers of guest quarters:

The economy quarters offered four beds to a room with a locker for personal storage.

The business quarters were equipped with vibe showers and a computer/data console. They rented for 500 credits per week based on Earth standard rotational cycles.

The luxury quarters offered all the amenities of the business quarters, but added a kitchenette and water shower. [110, GB5]

Guillory, Guy

A Human telepath and firefighter who used his ability to save thirty people after the 2116 San Francisco earthquake. He appeared with Senator Lee Crawford on Alex DiPeso's late-night talk show in 2117. He was only just able to walk after recovering from third-degree burns sustained during his fifth trip into a collapsed and burning building. [PC1]

Guillory, Marie

A Human who was married to Paul Guillory and the mother of Pierre. Her home served as a refuge for Alfred Bester during his flight from Paris in 2271. Bester planted a compulsion in Guillory's mind that allowed him to trap Michael Garibaldi and his fellow pursuers; this manipulation was being undone by EABI Lt. Bjarnesson when Bester killed him and fled the house. [PC3]

Guillory, Paul

A Human born prior to 2221 who was married to Marie and fathered Pierre. In 2271, he was carjacked by Alfred Bester and forced to drive the war criminal to his home. Bester planted a compulsion in Guillory's mind that allowed him to trap Michael Garibaldi and his fellow pursuers; this manipulation was being undone by EABI Lt. Bjarnesson when Bester killed him and fled the house. [PC3]

Guillory, Pierre

A Human born circa 2266 to Marie and Paul Guillory. In 2271, he put glue in a girl named Jesse's hair and later gave the war criminal Alfred Bester a tour of his home when the latter sought refuge under arms in the Guillory house while fleeing Paris. Bester planted a compulsion in Guillory's mind that allowed him to trap Michael Garibaldi and his fellow pursuers; this manipulation was being undone by EABI Lt. Bjarnesson when Bester killed him and fled the house. [PC3]

Guilt-Free Grease

A synthetic component of the cuisine served at Arterial Blockage in Fortune City on Cestus. [DB5]

Gun One

Gun One

The callsign of one of two Human hitmen n'grath hired out to Trakis in 2258 to prevent Commander Jeffrey Sinclair and Ambassador Londo Mollari from locating Adira Tyree before he could. Gun One and his partner pursued Sinclair and Mollari through Brown 7 until they were called off. [104]

gunnery pod

gunnery pod

A virtual reality-based weapons system aboard the Liandra offering a 360-degree view of the space surrounding the ship and utilizing a gunner suspended by targeted gravitational forces in its center. It employed ocular targeting, allowing the gunner to sight with his or her eye and the ship's weapons systems were fired by choreographed movements of the operator's body. [LotR]

gunnery sergeant

An enlisted rank in Earthforce senior to sergeant and junior to sergeant major. [312]


A Human techno-mage who spent her time in the hiding place, drinking late into the night with Ak-Shana, Federico and Optima. By the 2270s, Gwynn had adopted the philosophies of Blaylock and, with her companions Kane and Finian, aided Ambassador Vir Cotto in ridding Centauri Prime of the Drakh. [LF1, LF2, TM3]



An Onteen who held the title of Sho-Rin, or champion, when the Mutai was held on Babylon 5 in 2258. Having previously defeated the likes of Caliban and Luh-Kar in combat, Gyor was directly challenged by Walker Smith. The Sho-Rin and the first Human ever to compete in the Mutai fought to a draw. [119]

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