The Autograph Crystal project ended on Tuesday, May 14, 2019. This means ALL crystals, including Pat's, are GONE. (Whatever inventory is left is being sold to a collector.)
Pat "Lyta" Tallman Announces Her Personalized Autograph Crystal

Start date: Wednesday May 8
End date: Tuesday May 14
Note: All Lyta crystals will ship by Tuesday May 28.

EACH Lyta Autograph Crystal Includes
✔ Lyta's hand-signed autograph and inscription wording you request (your inscription request is part of the checkout.)
✔ One combo quote print featuring Lyta's best "short" quotes selected by Patricia Tallman
✔ Two single quote prints featuring Lyta's best quotes selected by Patricia Tallman

Autograph Crystal - Lyta
Includes: 1 Crystal, 1 hand-signed and inscribed Patricia Tallman Signature Element, 1 Lyta Combo Quote Print, 2 Lyta Single Quote Prints.

During checkout you will have the opportunity to submit your inscription. We've also included some fun ideas that you can use.

Babylon 5 Autograph Crystals Hand-Signed by the Actors

Best Deal Bundle:
• Lyta Autograph Crystal personally inscribed by Patricia Tallman
• The original Complete Set of 6 Autograph Crystals (6 crystals, 6 signature elements and 18 quote prints)
• 12 Free Bonus Quote Prints plus a free "empty" bonus crystal to show off the extra quote prints.