The Autograph Crystal project ended on Tuesday, May 14, 2019. This means ALL crystals, including Pat's, are GONE. (Whatever inventory is left is being sold to a collector.)

Start date: Wednesday May 8
End date: Tuesday May 14
Note: All Lyta crystals will ship by Tuesday May 28.

EACH Lyta Autograph Crystal Includes
✔ Lyta's hand-signed autograph and inscription wording you request (your inscription request is part of the checkout.)
✔ One combo quote print featuring Lyta's best "short" quotes selected by Patricia Tallman
✔ Two single quote prints featuring Lyta's best quotes selected by Patricia Tallman

Autograph Crystal - Lyta
Includes: 1 Crystal, 1 hand-signed and inscribed Patricia Tallman Signature Element, 1 Lyta Combo Quote Print, 2 Lyta Single Quote Prints.

During checkout you will have the opportunity to submit your inscription. We've also included some fun ideas that you can use.

Best Deal Bundle:
• Lyta Autograph Crystal personally inscribed by Patricia Tallman
• The original Complete Set of 6 Autograph Crystals (6 crystals, 6 signature elements and 18 quote prints)
• 12 Free Bonus Quote Prints plus a free "empty" bonus crystal to show off the extra quote prints.

Pat's travel company is exclusively for nerds. And her next adventure is an exploration of all things LORD OF THE RINGS in New Zealand. Check out the 1 minute video above to see what it's like.

Yes! This Lord of the Rings adventure is the trip of a lifetime. Please email me the itinerary and additional details.

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